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Her Mom Tells Her Stepdad Private Things About Her, So She Refuses To Confide In Her Anymore

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Blabbermouths are no good! Especially if it’s your own mother…

So you can see where this teenager is coming from, right? Sure!

But now she’s feeling kind of guilty about what she said to Mother Dearest.

Is she wrong? Let’s see what’s going on here!

AITA for telling my mom I don’t tell her everything because she tells her husband everything?

“I’ve (16f) always had some problems.

I showed early signs of mental illness when I was still in grade school and when I lost my dad it compounded everything. I was diagnosed with MDD and panic disorder.

My mental health improved over time and I’m medicated which helps me too. I attend therapy when I need to and I have a psychiatrist who helps with medications and any other treatments that might be needed.

Things have changed…

I was always pretty open with my mom and she was always good with not telling people stuff that I wanted time with or wanted to keep between us. Except when she remarried. I was 11 when she remarried and she hid nothing from her husband.

This was something I didn’t really like and when I talked to mom about it she told me that’s just how it was going to be, because keeping stuff from your spouse is the way to ruin your marriage.

She told me I never would have minded dad knowing and I told her it was because he was my dad, but Frank (her husband) isn’t and I don’t want him to know everything about me. Mom told me that’s just how it would be.

So I would tell my mom stuff still but not everything. Anything I really want to keep between me and just the person I choose to tell I don’t tell my mom anymore.

And she knows this. She figured it out a while ago. But then a few months ago I had something else going on, something that was a lot to handle and I was talking to my therapist and working through it with them.

My mom figured some stuff out but she told me she wanted me to tell her and I told her I didn’t want to tell her. She told me I could tell her and I should trust her enough to tell her anything important going on.

She’s had enough of this.

I said telling her means telling Frank and I didn’t want that. She asked me why it was such a big deal and I told her because Frank isn’t as important to me as he is to her and he’s not my dad or a stand in for him.

I ended up talking to my grandparents about the thing going on because my therapist suggested I have someone else to talk to.

They’re the people I trust most now for this kind of thing. And they were stepping up their supportiveness of me and spoiling me a little, which made mom realize I must have told them.

Uh oh…

This was last week. She confronted me and asked me again why I no longer tell her everything and I told her I don’t tell her everything because she tells her husband everything and that’s not what I want.

Mom said I was being really unfair. I told her I was respecting her right to tell him everything but that means anything I don’t want him to know, she doesn’t need to know.


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I would’ve done the same thing.

I’m on her side!

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