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Her Mom Wants Her To Pay Off The Family’s Debts So They Can Keep Their House. She Doesn’t See How It’s Her Responsibility.

by Matthew Gilligan

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You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family…

Truer words have never been spoken!

And this person is in a real pickle with their mom…

Should they pay off her debts?

Read their story and see what you think…

WIBTA if I refused to clear my mom’s debt leaving her and my siblings homeless?

“My mother got herself into an MLM scheme last year despite my brother and I warning her against it.

This is pretty sad…

She quit her job because the MLM scheme people told her this was her chance to become an entrepreneur and independent.

My dad is supporting her financially now and my four younger siblings, she pretty much gave up on the oils after selling them to everyone she knows.

She still has a lot more left to sell but now she wants to do something else because she doesn’t feel like she’s her own boss under this MLM company.

She overestimated how many people want to buy her product and now she’s thousands in debt.

She won’t get a job and my dad can’t afford to pay it off without selling the house and his car.

It’s a tough situation.

My brother has 3 kids in private school, he doesn’t have much money to spare.

I’m on maternity leave and the amount she needs will wipe out my savings and I’d have to use my husband’s money as well to cover this debt which I don’t think is fair.

Especially since she doesn’t want to get a job after this debt is cleared because she’s “an entrepreneur at heart” and “working for someone’s company is soul crushing”.

She wants to open a food truck even though they aren’t popular in the town she lives in and always go out of business.

My mom isn’t a bad cook but she’s competing with professional chefs and I’m sure she’ll give up as soon as it gets hard.

My dad says he plans to sell the house and his car and move his tenants out of the apartment he owns.

My mom called me crying because she loves her neighbourhood and has lived here for 35 years, she says I’m selfish and evil for not paying her debt because she’ll pay me back when she expands her food truck business.

Talk about a guilt trip…

She doesn’t understand why I don’t just use my husband’s money “since he won’t notice it’s gone”.

My mom has threatened not to allow me to see my younger siblings who I’m close with and to have me exiled by our entire family.

WIBTA if I refused to clear this debt even though I could because my mom’s threatening me?”

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That’s a tough one…

But honestly, sometimes you have to let people sink or swim.

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