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Her Mother-In-Law Brought Her Son’s Ex To A Party And Rubbed It In Her Face, So She Told Her She’s No Longer Welcome In Their House

by Matthew Gilligan

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Sometimes, you just gotta put your foot down when it comes to family members who are disrespectful in your home…

Does that include kicking them out?


And it seems like the mother-in-law in this story deserved what she got…but that’s just my opinion.

Read on and see what YOU think.

AITA for telling my husband that his mom is no longer welcome in our home?

“My (F30) husband (M31) dated Kathy (F30) for three years while at university.

They were planning to get married when Kathy fell pregnant, but she confessed the child may be another man’s.

They broke up, but a DNA test proved my husband was the father. As such, my husband agreed to co-parent but refused to rekindle the relationship.

Tragedy struck…

Very sadly, the baby was born with a heart defect and passed away at four months old.

Both Kathy and my husband were destroyed, and Kathy ended up moving away.

My husband went on to meet me, and we were married two years ago.

There’s a problem…

My MIL (F60) has always carried a torch for Kathy and thought that they should get back together when the child was proved to be my husband’s.

Then the next reason became so that Kathy and my husband could help each other in their grief.

Unfortunately between her love of Kathy and me being a different race, MIL has made no secret of not liking me.

To the extent where she has excluded me from family photos because I am not family. My husband has always stood up for me in these scenarios.

My MIL’s birthday was last weekend, and my husband wanted to throw a celebration at our house.

We went the whole nine yards with a cake and decorations.

My husband also asked for my help picking out a very expensive handbag as a gift.

I love my husband and I know he loves his mom, so I am happy to help him do something nice for her.


My MIL showed up on the day with Kathy in tow, which was a surprise for everyone.

She said that she had run into Kathy at the store, as Kathy has recently moved back, and MIL wanted to re-integrate the mother of her grandchild back into the family (nevermind the fact that the baby passed away around six years ago now).

It got worse…

I was really upset, but this was only exacerbated by my MIL constantly trying to throw my husband and Kathy together.

“Kathy, why don’t you sit next to him?”

“Kathy, why don’t you go help him with the BBQ?”

“Kathy, would you mind asking him where x is?”

I spent the whole day biting my tongue, but it was too much when everyone left and my MIL asked Kathy to give my husband a hug.

My husband initially refused but after some pushing from MIL, he relented and hugged Kathy.

As soon as they left, I asked my husband what he was thinking?!

He said he didn’t want to upset my MIL on her birthday, but I asked why did he want to upset me?

He said he didn’t, he just thought it would be easier to handle with me later.

I was furious, and said that I expect that either MIL apologises or she is no longer welcome in our home.

My husband said that I am going too far, but I don’t think I’m being unreasonable.


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Another day, another problem with in-laws…

Will it ever end?!?!

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