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Her Mother-In-Law Tried To Lecture Her About How A Marriage Should Work, So She Kicked Her Out Of The House

by Matthew Gilligan

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When are in-laws going to learn to mind their own business?

The answer is most likely…NEVER.

But at least these kinds of stories keep us entertained, right?

Was this woman wrong for how she reacted to her MIL?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for kicking my MIL out of my house for being passive aggressive about my husband cleaning up?

“My husband, Tom, and I recently moved into our house, today we hosted our first dinner party with my mother in law (MIL), FIL, BILs and their wives and SIL.

She put a lot of work into this.

I took a day off from the my business to make sure everything was perfect. I spent hours on my feet to make sure everything was perfect, I went grocery shopping, cleaned the house and cooked.

By the time everyone got here I was exhausted but I still entertained everyone because I was so excited to have them over.

Everyone was having a good time, even MIL, I think its because Tom and I sat at opposite end of the table and she got to sit next to him. We moved to the living room to have dessert and that’s when everything went to ****.

I was in the kitchen with SIL plating up the desserts she brought and making more ice cream. A few minutes later Tom came back and started clearing up the dishes that were on the table, I didn’t ask him to do this, he’s just like this.

MIL heard us talking and came to the kitchen and saw Tom loading the dishwasher, she asked if he knew what he was doing and he told her he did.

She couldn’t keep her mouth shut…

MIL came in after Tom went back to the living room and said (I forgot some of the other stuff she said), “if you needed help with cleaning up you could have asked us to do it instead of stressing Tom with it. He’s not good at this sort of thing and he has had a long day at work. The key to a happy marriage is working together and making life easier for each other. Tom works so hard, he bought this house and everything in it to make life easier for you. The least you can do is clean up”.

I told her I didn’t ask for help, Tom just helped because this is house too and he wants to make life easier for me. I also asked her if she realised it wasn’t 1993 because Tom isn’t a baby anymore he’s capable of cleaning up, its not rocket science.

This lady has been around the block…

I told her we don’t need marriage advice, especially from her because she said something about making our marriage last while she’s was on marriage number 3/7 at my age.

She called me angry and said I had no need to be vicious, I told her I’d show her vicious and I left the room. MIL followed me to the door and I told her get out, she did and then started crying.

Everyone came to see what was going on and I told them I’m tired of MIL and her nastiness she tries to hide by being passive aggressive. FIL apologised for her and I told him I don’t accept, she can apologise for herself or leave.

See ya later!

Tom and his brother Andrew told her to apologise and she refused so I shut the door in her face and went to the kitchen. FIL and one of DH’s brothers and his girlfriend left soon after. The rest that stayed had a good time and they left two hours ago.

All hell has broken loose and I’m getting messages basically calling me an *******. I don’t think I was but Tom and everyone who stayed is biased because they can’t stand MIL, so I don’t know.


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Well, that doesn’t sound like a fun situation…

No doubt about that!

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