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Her Mother Insisted The Kids Always Come To Her As An Authority Figure, So She Picked A Moment To Perfectly Illustrate Why That Was The Wrong Way.

by Trisha Leigh

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Parenting is a rough gig. Many of us turn to books and podcasts and experts when we’re not sure which road is the right one.

Sometimes, we get it wrong.

This girl’s mom went through a parenting era where she believed they should always come to her instead of calling out.

My mother went through a Christian Fundamentalist phase when I was a child and got really into those “Christian Parenting” books.

One thing recommended by these books was that you should, under no circumstances, go to your child when they call you.

This was because she was the authority figure.

This is because you are the parent and therefore the authority so they have to come to you.

(Because of course, children call for their parents because they’re entitled brats and not because they need help or anything).

When she got her period for the first time, she tried calling out for help.

So when I got my first period, I had no idea what it was.

Naturally, I assumed I was done for because there was blood everywhere.

So I called out for my mother.

She was with a ladies’ bible study group in the living room and calls back across the house “YOU HAVE TO COME TO ME, REMEMBER?”

I try again, but she refuses.

Her mom refused, so she made a grand entrance in front of her mom’s friends.

So, still thinking I’m suffering from like, mysterious internal wounds or something, I take my panties off, pull my shorts back on, and go to the living room and drop my bloody pants in her lap.

She was Horrifically Embarrassed in front of all her church friends.

Problem solved.

Whisked me back off to the bathroom and sorted out the situation.

She also never pulled that “you come to me because I’m the authority” crap again.

Reddit generally loves it when kids get the best of their parents.

Why is this a thing?

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I had this thought, too.

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How else are they going to learn?

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Feelings are hard.

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What a strange reaction.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

This mom had it coming.

Hopefully she learned from her mistakes.

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