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Her Mother Wants Her to Pay Back Child Support Money That Her Father Supplied, But She Refuses Because It’s Her Money

by Matthew Gilligan

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AITA for not want to pay back the money from child support?

“I (22F) am the child of the child support. Most mother refused to drop the charges on my dad so he still has to pay.

This past February, my mom received a $6k check from child support and told me (I was out the state at the time). When she shared the news, I was a bit skeptical to accept the check.

She was concerned about this…

Last time we received the check from CSS, my mom had to pay it back because it came from a joint account from my dad.

She told this time it’s from my dad’s refunds and that it’s safer. She put the money in my account (because she forced me to get a joint account with her) and told me to use it however I want since its mine. Then she goes back and say that what if the strings are attached to this one and end up owing again.

She decided to take the money.

She gave me mixed signals but eventually I did use it because I was actually 3 weeks away from moving and didn’t know how I was going to go from Florida to Maryland with only less than $1,000 when I still had to pay the pro-rated month.

That check made the moving process easy and I paid a big amount off my credit card with money left over. Now, without my consent, my mother has also been using my money.

This was shady.

Before the check, I noticed that the checks I get from work are always lower than expected until I found she’s been using my fundings for herself to buy food, Uber and so forth. She makes 3x the amount I make and has a car so I was confused.

Fast forward to last night, and I wasn’t surprised. Child support demanded the money to be returned as apparently my dad does not owe anymore.

My mom berated me over the money without explaining anything saying how I “wasted the money” and “it’s my fault because I called CPS and I have to pay!” No, I didn’t call and when I did call about Child support, I am not a 3rd party on my OWN case, so I have no say. I told her I legally cannot do anything about it and to call to see what’s up.

She refused , claiming I was influenced and did this to myself. I told her if I pay, she too has to pay but she refused again because her defense is she sent me money in the past and for that, we’re even.

This doesn’t sound good…

I told I won’t pay because she swore up and down that it’s not really MY MONEY, it’s HER MONEY because my father had back loans to pay to HER not me. I used that and she said but I AM the one responsible to pay child support back.

I said no and she threatened me with legal actions. I called her bluff and said sure.


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Poor woman is stuck in a tough place!

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