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Her Neighbor Was Taking Advantage Of Her Willingness To Give Her Rides To Places, So She Stopped Doing It Because It Was Messing With Her Mental Health

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@jackdelulio

I’ve been in this position before

I was nice enough to give someone a ride here and there when they were in a jam and, wouldn’t you know it, they started to take advantage of me and they wanted rides ALL THE TIME.

And all you can do is eventually put a stop to it.

The woman who wrote this story did that and now she wants to know if she acted like a jerk.

Let’s take a look…

AITA for telling my neighbor I don’t want to give her rides?

“I (39 F) have a neighbor (42 F) who doesn’t have a car. She is afraid to drive due to an accident when she was in her early 20s.

So she doesn’t have a car. She’s a single mom and we live in the same rural apartment complex.

Since we live in a small town without public transportation, and the nearest town with grocery stores, doctors, etc. is 16 miles away, she depends on others to get where she needs to go.

Her insurance pays for transportation to medical appointments but everything else, well, she relies on other people. I have a car and live two doors down.

We are both on disability and both supporting one child, both make the same amount of money a month.

She’s not shy about this.

But she asks me for rides so often! At least once a week.

To go grocery shopping, ER visit (twice in two days),tattoo appointment (last week), pharmacy, etc. And she really doesn’t respect my car.

Not disposing of cigarette butts properly, moving seats without asking, constantly talking on the phone while I am trying to stay calm by listening to music or while I am taking her through a fast food drive through.

That’s just a few things.

Here’s my issue, with my disability, I am extremely introverted. I have PTSD and use music to ground myself. I do not like people in general and she knows this. She knows I have severe social anxiety.

Lately, I feel like she is taking advantage of my kindness and using me as a taxi.

She decided that enough was enough.

So I’ve decided to set boundaries and tell her no when I don’t feel like going anywhere.

Now she says I’m mad at her and doesn’t understand why. I’m not mad, irritated at the lack of basic respect, but not angry.

She does give me gas money, but not much, considering prices and that the shortest distance I have to drive her anywhere is 16 miles.

AITA for telling her no because I don’t want to go anywhere?

I am still willing to drive her in emergencies.”

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That neighbor sounds ridiculous!

Good grief!

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