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Her Parents Never Cared That Her Sister And Friends Excluded Her, But Are Punishing Her For Acting The Exact Same Way

by Trisha Leigh

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It never makes kids feel good when there is an obvious favorite in their parents’ eyes – nor should it.

Parents have a duty to make each of their kids feel loved and appreciated for who they are, not to play into one siblings mean-girl tactics.

This teen is less than a year younger than her sister but they exist worlds apart.

Let’s see what happens next.

AITA for saying I don’t see why my sister always has to be included but I don’t?

Me (15f) and my sister (16f) are only 11 months apart but we’re really different.

She was always the prettier one, the more outgoing and popular one. She was always surrounded by friends and loves all things makeup and fashion.

I’m more introverted and shy and I never really fit the way she did. Though I always wanted to have friends.

I like video games and baking and reading. I’m not into beauty stuff like she is. I don’t really ever wear makeup.

So we’ve never had much in common.

I have tried to be close to my sister but it never worked out. We’re just too different.

As they’ve grown, her sister and her sister’s friends have made her feel like an outsider who isn’t even welcome in her own home.

And she resented my attempts for us to be closer.

She’d let her friends say mean things about me like calling me a freak, a weirdo, saying I was lame and dumb.

Sometimes they’d be in our house and they’d kick me out of the basement, which is set up for games and movies and stuff like that.

They’d tell me I couldn’t hang out with them and they wanted to watch something.

Her parents refused to address the issue.

My parents would always tell me to find something else to do.

And a few times her friends split up at our house and some were outside and some in the basement so I really only had my room as a refuge.

I told my parents about what the others would say about me and they really didn’t care. I think once they said they’d deal with it but it didn’t stop.

My parents just let them kick me out of spaces or tell me to stop doing what I was doing so they could do it and it was never a problem.

Now, she has good friends and a boyfriend, and none of them want her sister hanging around when they’re spending time together.

When I started high school I finally found a group of friends I fit in with. There’s five of us and we’re all really close.

I even have a boyfriend now.

But my sister hates that she’s not welcome in with them and the reason for that is before I was friends with them she and her friends were really awful to them and she would mock them or make fun of them for their appearance or for being weird.

So none of them like her.

My boyfriend is the only one without that history because he moved to town right at the start of high school so never knew my sister before we got close.

When my friends are over my sister will try to insert herself and she’s tried to do that by making fun of me or pushing me out but my friends actually like me.

And her parents are insisting they include her.

The problem is my parents are not okay with my sister being excluded and they said if I want to hang out with my friends, we have to be open to her hanging out if she wants.

She has more free time now because her friendship group had this big fight and now there’s so many splits and smaller groups and nobody has the time so she’s around more and wants to be involved.

I tried to stop inviting my friends over but if they even came to our neighborhood to hang out it was a rule my parents put in place.

She’s tried telling them how the double standard makes her feel but they just blew up on her.

Saturday I got so frustrated I told the three of them that I don’t see why my sister always has to be included but I don’t.

I told them it was clear she’s the favorite and everyone in the family thinks I’m just some freak who should be alone for the rest of her life.

My parents were furious. AITA?

Does Reddit think this girl has anything to apologize for? Let’s find out!

The top comment says her parents have let this go on for too long.

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Learning experiences are often painful.

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There is a time and a place to be the squeaky wheel.

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Maybe it’s time the sister do some serious self-reflecting.

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She just has to keep being her.

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I feel so sorry for this girl.

She is definitely not wrong to feel the way that she does.

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