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Her Sister And Mother Treated Her Husband And His Family So Horribly That She Had To Step In And Set Things Straight

by Chris Allen

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Reddit makes known some of the truly awful people among us.

Those who think only of themselves at all times, without fail.

And sometimes it takes a family member, and the dogged determination of the wronged, for them to mayyyyybe see the light.

Like in this story, where a sister stepped up for her sibling’s husband in the most dire of times.

AITA For Telling My Sister That She Shouldn’t Overvalue Herself And Prepare For The Worse?

I (21f) Have an older sister “Eve” (29f) who had her first child, “Lori” (1f) and while this should be a time of joy an excitement there’s actually a lot of tension and brewing resentment between her, our mom, and her husband “Jack” (29m).

Despite it being unplanned Eve’s pregnancy was wanted and Jack was an involved partner. He went to most of Eve’s appointments, took the birthing classes, and supported Eve’s decision to just have our mom in the room while he wanted outside when she gave birth.

Sounds like the plan started going askew from jump.

The plan was for our mom to be by Eve’s side in the room and to help stay for a week after Lori was born. Everyone was cool with this but unfortunately our aunt got into some drama with her husband in another state and our mom rushed over to be at her sister’s side.

Eve was already in her 3rd trimester so Jack didn’t like the idea of our mom going and voiced it. Our mom tore Jack a new one and Eve even got on his case about it so he apologized. However, Eve ended up going into labor and Jack ultimately was the one in the room while our mom was away.

Then the ultimatum cards were just whipped up.

When she called, our mom expressed being sad over not being there for the birth of her first grandchild and she and Eve decided that no one else in the family would see Lori until she got back. Without discussing it with Jack. He was understandably not happy as his mom lived about 45 minutes away and was looking forward to meeting Lori too as she was the first grandchild on both sides.

Eve pulled the “I just gave birth” card and Jack reluctantly allowed it. On the day that our mom was supposed to come back she missed her flight and couldn’t get a new one until the following morning. Our mom could’ve just rented a car but she didn’t want to spend the money since the airline wouldn’t refund the money.

This story then proceeds to go off the rails.

In the most tragic way possible.

Jack was brought up allowing his mom to come again, but Eve refused citing that he already agreed. Unfortunately, Jack’s mom was in a car accident and passed before ever getting to meet Lori since Eve wouldn’t even allow a video chat. Jack was distraught, he moved to the guest bedroom, went to the funeral alone and refuses to engage with Eve at all.

Jack’s side of the family keeps calling and messaging Eve to tell her what a selfish and awful person she is and Jack refuses to defend. Eventually, Eve got sick of it and packed up and left to our mom’s house to “teach Jack a lesson” but he hasn’t texted or called.

OP found this hilarious.

Our mom thinks that he just needs some space and that he’ll call soon but I just laughed at that. Didn’t mean to though.

My mom and Eve asked me why I laughed and I tried to brush it off or even leave but they couldn’t let me and pressed for answer. Eventually, I told her that while the accident wasn’t her fault she did keep Lori away from Jack’s mom meeting her for a week and now she never will.

Then the mic drop moment.

There’s no way Jack is going to ever love you enough to forgive that and that you should prepare for the worst. Eve started to bawl her eyes out while mom berated me so I left. AITA?

She gave a bit more info, which just goes to show how Eve seriously messed up here.

Edit: Just to clarify because I keep seeing this when the accident first happened Eve has apologized three separate times (Jack has admitted to this) and Eve intended to go to the funeral with him but he drove off without her. Jack does interact with Lori it’s Eve that he’s icing out and my niece is the only thing he’s willing to talk to Eve about. Jack had been living in the guest room for 5 months before Eve left. She’s offered to go to couple’s counseling but Jack has refused.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

The NTAs were out in full force.

This person said “Yeah? Well GOOD.”

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While one person walked us through what must’ve been going on in Jack’s head.

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One commenter thought this was about as easy an AITA vote as you could get.

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And this Redditor is as baffled as I am at the sheer narcissistic bent of Eve and her mother.

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Figure it out, dear sister.

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