May 24, 2024 at 7:14 pm

Her Son Wants To Go To Homecoming But She Only Gets 4 Days A Month To See Him, So She Says No Because It Cuts Into Their Time Together

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@ardianlumi

A word to the wise: if you have kids, don’t be selfish and deprive them of social time with their peers.

They need those events to grow and learn!

But this woman didn’t get the memo…

Check out her story and see if you think she was right or wrong.

AITA for not letting my son go to homecoming on my weekend?

“My son is a freshman and his dad is telling me he wants to go to homecoming but it is 6-10 pm on my saturday.

I get him Friday night to Sunday night.

She’s not cool with this.

I only see him 4 days a month right now and he only sees his brother on the weekends.

My ex took my older son away from me to go live with him when he wasn’t doing good in school with me.

So I told his dad no and said it isn’t fair to me or his brother to allow him to go.

I can’t drive him there because it’s an hour each way so would be 4 hours of driving for me.

Her ex tried to compromise.

His dad said he would give up the monday but I’d still only get him from sunday morning to monday evening which is less than my usual time.

Well my son is throwing a fit now and his dad is telling me I don’t put my kids first, but it’s literally just a dance?

I barely see my son and I already miss a lot of time for his football practice.”

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This person said she acted like an *******.

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Another Reddit user agreed.

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This person nailed it.

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One individual didn’t think there was any question.

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And this Reddit user didn’t hold back.

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She needs to lighten up!

Good grief!

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