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Her Uncle Wants To Leave A Family Heirloom To Her, But Some In The Family Think Her Older Adopted Cousin Should Get It

by Trisha Leigh

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Inheritance can be a practice that helps kids with closure and can help set them up for success for later in life.

It can also be something that turns into a mess, when some people think the distribution is unfair.

In this case, the poster is her grandmother’s only blood granddaughter, but some in the family don’t think that should matter.

Her grandmother has a jewelry set that is considered a family heirloom.

My (18f) grandma who passed before I was born had a beautiful jewelry set passed down from the women in her family.

In her will, as she had no daughter, she asked her eldest son, my uncle Jim (51m), to take care of the jewelry.

I have only seen pictures of the set growing up.

She has one cousin who is adopted.

Uncle Jim’s been married for 8 years to uncle Bob (45m). He adopted uncle Bob’s daughter Lara (19f) a few years after.

Lara and I got along OK as the only girls in our generation thought we have our own interests.

Her uncle is sick now, and trying to put affairs in order.

Uncle Jim was recently diagnosed with cancer and he started putting together his will.

A week before, my family heard that uncle Jim had a fight with uncle Bob and went to stay with his friend and last we knew he took a spontaneous vacation overseas.

A few days later Lara and uncle Bob asked to meet me.

His husband is upset that he doesn’t want to leave the jewelry set to the oldest granddaughter.

Apparently, the reason they fought was because uncle Jim decided to leave the jewelry set to me in his will.

He argued with uncle Bob that my grandma would have wanted me, her biological grandchild, to have the jewelry.

Uncle Bob and Lara argued that since he adopted Lara, Lara is now the oldest girl in this generation and deserves the jewelry set.

Uncle Jim stood his grounds, they fought, and he left.

They asked me to convince uncle Jim to give Lara the jewelry set, saying it would be the right thing to do.

The family is split.

I, however, felt that if Uncle Jim believed the jewelry should belong to me, who am I to question his decision?

I told Lara and uncle Bob that I would do as uncle Jim wanted me to. They called me a greedy AH.

WIBTA for accepting the jewelry set?

Is Reddit? Let’s find out!

The top comment says she’s perfectly fine to let her uncle decide.

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After all, it’s not really her decision.

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He thinks that’s what grandma would have wanted.

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This situation is certainly emotionally charged.

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Let it roll.

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I think she should honor her uncle’s and grandmother’s wishes.

But I can definitely see how this could hurt feelings.

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