May 10, 2024 at 12:33 pm

Here Are The Real Signs That A Person Is Attracted To You

by Trisha Leigh

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Things have changed a lot in the dating world in the past 20 years, but one thing that has stayed the same is wondering whether or not the person you like is attracted to you in the same way.

Now, science is saying there might be a relatively foolproof way to tell.

The research was published in Psychological Bulletin, and claims to have conducted the “most comprehensive analysis ever” on the subtle cues that someone is attracted to you.

The researchers analyzed 50 different empirical studies on attraction and nonverbal cues, and also say they accounted for variations in culture.

What they found is that behaviors like eye contact, smiling, laughter, and initiating conversation really are the best way to determine whether or not someone likes you.

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R. Matthew Montoya elaborated a bit in a statement.

“There is a specific suite of behaviors associated with liking, and this same set of behaviors can be found in cultures from around the world.”

Other behaviors that indicate trust and rapport, like standing close and sparking conversation, are also cues.

“When we like someone, we act in ways to get them to trust us. From this perspective, we engage in these behaviors to increase the degree of overlap, interdependence, and commitment to an agreement.”

In the process, they eliminated some behaviors that have long been suggested to prove someone likes you.

They found no evidence that flicking hair, lifting eyebrows, primping, open body posture, or leaning in is linked to strong attraction at all.

What they do believe is that someone exhibiting the behaviors above indicates an attraction – but that doesn’t have to be romantic. You could identify a potential employer or a new friend by seeing the same cues.

“Whether we engage in these behaviors has little or nothing to do with romantic desires. These behaviors apply when doctors interact with their patients, parents interact with their kids, or when salespeople talk to their customers.”

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Relationships make the world go ’round.

So even if you still have a hard time reading cues when it comes to romance, at least you might be able to pick up on them to find a new friend.

Sometimes that’s even better.

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