May 21, 2024 at 11:32 pm

His Daughter’s Boyfriend Is Being A Freeloader, So He Gave Him 30 Days To Move Out Of His House

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

I have a feeling that this story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page is gonna make your blood boil…

Because this young man is totally ridiculous!

But still, the dad who wrote this story on Reddit wants to know if he’s taking things too far.

Let’s see what’s going on!

AITA for telling my daughter’s BF he has 30 days to move out of my house?

“My (M50) daughter (F21) and her BF (24) have been living in my house, rent and utility free, since 2021.

They literally have zero living expenses, they are completely off the grid.

He also works for me, gets 40 hours a week, and I give him rides too and from work.

He is a huge gamer, so all of his internet is paid for.

He bought a car (that doesn’t run) as a project (which he took a loan out for $9K). He has a $12K computer rig.

This guy sounds like a pain in the ***.

What set me off was he argues about everything.

I have a work project that my team is responsible for. I asked for volunteers. The lead came up one short so he asked my daughter’s BF.

He, of course , said no, he didn’t need the overtime. I about lost it on the floor.

I held it together, but at the end of the night, I just left him at work.

I decided I was done. His favorite phrase is not my problem…so I childishly adopted that for anything to do with him.

Time for an ultimatum.

When I got home I told my daughter he has 30 days to move out.

She can go with him or stay, there is no ill will for her either way, and she will always be welcome in my home.

But in 3 years of free loading, I estimate they should have AT LEAST $30k saved up. I know how much he makes and how much she makes.

I thought I was taking care of them, giving them some time to build up a savings.

I may be the ******* because I’m kicking him out with short notice, and he has no savings, but I’m going with “not my problem”.”

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Seems to be he’s already put in his time.

The kid and his daughter should take their turn.

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