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His Boss Fired Him When He Needed Time Off After An Accident. The Shoe Was On The Other Foot When That Same Boss Delivered His Order From Uber Eats.

by Ashley Ashbee

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It’s frustrating to read about people receiving unfair treatment from their employer, but nice to see when people get back on their feet.

This story isn’t about the joy of a new job, though.

It’s about the satisfaction of seeing a bad boss get what was coming to him.

the best revenge is success

So about 10-15 years ago i was working at Subway.

After working there a couple months i got into a car accident (other persons fault) and my car was totaled.

I went in to work using public transport a couple of times, however as the store was quite far from my home and i needed to get on 4 different bus routes to get there the travel was a pain, also the store closes late after the final buses have left.

This is so unethical and toxic.

I asked my boss if i could have a week off, just so i can sort out the issue with my car. He wound up firing me instead.

Honestly the guy didn’t like me coz i refused to upsell, so he was looking for a reason to fire me and jumped on the first one he could.

Too bad he didn’t get something better, but at least his place is nice.

All good, was a s***** job at a ****** place, i wound up finding a better job (at another ****** place) and doing well.

Back at the end of 2020 i had just moved into my new home, big beautiful newly built apartment building.

I feel satisfied already!

I relied heavily on Uber Eats during the first few weeks of unpacking all my ****.

One of those meals was delivered by a driver that looked oddly familiar to my old boss, even had the same name.

It happens. These are rough times.

Well turns out, the driver WAS my old boss. Now delivering Uber Eats.

Guess Subway’s fall in popularity made him change careers.

That’s it? It’s classy, but I admit I was hoping for drama.

When he arrives at my place and i greet him at the gate he has this look of recognition, he remembered me.

I acted like i didn’t remember him at all.

True. I wouldn’t call it petty, myself.

To me, THAT was the sweetest vengeance.

Yeah he fired me, but here i am in a nice apartment and he’s driving around delivering food to fat f**** like me.

Petty? definitely but i still enjoyed it.

Let’s see what people said in the comments.

It’s like melatonin for vengeful people? Maybe I should try it for my sleep issues.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I doubt it. Now I’m hungry.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I think the algorithm works this way, but can’t it hurt your account if you’re caught making fake claims? Plus, why penalize the person’s employer?

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

But then he’d be admitting to having recognized him after all, which would cancel out this win.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

No shame in working for fast food, but job security is better.

And then you can order from Uber Eats more often.

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