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His Boss Yelled At Him For Having His Personal Phone On Him At Work, So He Decided To Stop Bringing His Work Phone Home, Too.

by Ryan McCarthy

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When you get an email from your work after your shift, you have two obvious choices: ignore it and deal with it tomorrow, or answer it on your own time.

If you choose the latter, suddenly you’re getting more and more emails after hours, and now that you’ve answered one, you’re expected to answer them all!

But if you don’t answer, you might find yourself in a meeting with your boss the next day, chewing you out for leaving him hanging!

This guy dodged that dilemma when his boss chastised him for having his personal phone on him during work.

So he assumed the inverse was true, and stopped carrying his work phone with him when got home!

Check it out!

boss made a rule… and soon change his mind

As I start to work in general manager position in my actual company, my boss gives me a company smartphone. I was carrying two phones with me all the times.

As soon he noticed this he called me and said no personal phones were allowed during work time “because personal life stays outside of the job and not to mix things”

Apparently I was there for “work and not to call to my girlfriends or logging into Facebook” and “personal phones are a distraction”.

But when he followed the rule, the boss’s rule quickly backfired on him!

I agreed and complied the next day.

The very next day after I started to keep my personal phone in the locker room, he was waiting for me at the lobby in a very bad mood.

He had called multiple times after work time and I didn’t answer.

He asked why I ignored him.

But he responded he was only following his boss’s own rules!

I said I was at home and my company phone was in the locker room.

I told him it was useless to call me after work time because, like he said, the job should stay outside of personal life and I didn’t want to mix things.

it’s been 7 years as a general manager and I have only one phone now with both SIM cards because it’s boring to fill both pockets with smartphones.

Reddit was quick to point out you can’t take a dramatic stance on something and then get mad when other people adhere to that stance!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user was similarly unavailable after work, saying that whatever it was could wait until tomorrow!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And many said even if you show that type of dedication to your job, it only makes them think they can take advantage of you more!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And many said if you’re being contacted after hours, then you should be getting paid for it!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this employee said they’d be willing to answer calls after hours, if their boss was willing to show them some leniency during work hours!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Honestly, I thought having “two phones” meant something completely different.

Kevin Gates taught me wrong!

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