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His Brother Keeps Dating The Women He’s Attracted To, So Now He Won’t Let His Brother Meet His New GF And Bro Literally Starts Crying

by Ashley Ashbee

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My twin sister and I have had plenty of fights, but she would never betray me and I would never betray her.

I can’t say the same for the brothers in this story.

Check out what this man did after his brother kept pursuing women OP was attracted to.

AITA for telling my brother that he is never allowed to be around my new girlfriend.

I M19 and my older brother M22 both work at the same factory and about 5 months ago me and him became friends with a woman (F23) who works at the factory with us.

That is so kind, but maybe they have another motive for doing this.

Soon after we became friends with this woman, she lost her apartment and since me and my brother both live in the same house we told her that she could live with us.

Won’t this be awkward for all parties if things sour?

I have never had feelings for this woman but her and my brother had decided to go out a few times.

What do you mean “not exclusive”? Does the women in this story know you’re seeing other women?

While him and this woman were going out (but not exclusive) me and him became friends with a woman (F20).

I expressed feelings for this woman and my brother very well knew that.

I find it hard to feel sorry for someone who seems like he’s betraying trust of the women in his life.

Soon after we became friends with this woman, he asked her out knowing full well that I liked her.

And soon after, they became exclusive.

Are you pretending you care about her feelings now?

And he completely left behind the woman that we met at the factory.

He screwed over the factory woman bad because he told her that he could possibly see a future with her but when he met the other woman he left her behind and never talked to her again.

Ah, the real reason he’s is mad comes out.

This is not the first time he has made a move on a woman that he knew I had feelings for.

He has done this 2 times in the past and every time he does it, they start dating.

Understandable, but let’s not pretend you’re innocent in all this.

I informed him that he would not be meeting my new gf nor would I bring him around her.

He got confused and asked me why.

I reminded him that he has dated 3 women in the past that I had feelings for and that I know that he does it on purpose.

Maybe these two shouldn’t live together.

He then started crying and telling me that it hurts him that I would say that about him, I simply got up and walked away.

Let me break out my little violin.

The reason I will never bring him around my new girlfriend is not because I am insecure that she will leave me for him, but I fear that he will make a move on her.

That is not only disrespectful but I know it will make her uncomfortable.


Let’s check out the comments.

They definitely need boundaries. For sure.

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A lot of people said he was NTA. I like how supportive this person is.

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This sounds like a delightful romcom — as long as she’s not called “factory lady.”

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It’s too bad my twin and I aren’t identical. I could pretend to be her and go see her husband. Just kidding.

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Good idea. Holidays wouldn’t work. There’d be a brawl on Thanksgiving.

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Seems I’m the only person who had questions and concerns about the “not exclusive” aspect of this story.

Oh well!

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