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Their Dad Disappeared From Their Life After The Divorce, So They Chose To Be With Their Cat On Its Last Day Than Go To The Dad’s Fourth Wedding

by Matthew Gilligan

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Is a person required to go to a parent’s wedding?

Well, every situation is different, but I’d venture to guess that most people would put aside the differences they had with their mom or dad and attend their nuptials.

But not this individual!

Check out what they did and see if you think they are wrong.

AITA for snapping at my dad that I’m already 18 and he no longer has the right to visit?

“He and my mom divorced when I was 7. At first he visited me once a week but the visits became less frequent.

By the time I was 10, he only came over once a month.

They had a decision to make.

Yesterday, my childhood cat was put down. It was also my dad’s wedding day.

I had already called my dad a week in advance, telling him I won’t be able to attend. I had to be there for my cat when she’s put down.

He berated me over the phone, saying I shouldn’t choose my cat over his wedding. I told him I have already been to his second and third weddings, so what’s the big deal if I miss his fourth one.

That led to a lot of shouting on his part before I hung up.

You’re on thin ice, dude.

This morning, he said he’s very upset so I told him that if he continues to be a jerk I don’t want to see him again.

He told me he has visitation rights. I told him I already turned 18 six months ago and that he shouldn’t visit if he cares so little he couldn’t remember my birthday.

My half-sister, who isn’t related to but is quite fond of my dad, said that I didn’t have to be harsh to him and that it doesn’t solve any issue.”

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Sounds like they’re not budging on this one…

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