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His Fiancé’s Daughter Almost Got Him Arrested As A Joke, And His Blood Is Boiling Because She Doesn’t Think It’s A Big Deal

by Matthew Gilligan

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I guess what happened to this guy was supposed to be a joke…but he ain’t laughing!

And now he’s mad!

Was he wrong for how he reacted?

Check out his story and see what you think.

AITA For flipping out on my fiance after her daughter almost got me arrested?

“I (38M) got engaged to my fiance (37F) about 3 months ago.

We’ve been dating for almost 3 years. She has 2 kids from a previous relationship (15F & 12M). Their dad is involved in their lives and for the most part the adults all co-parent and communicate well.

He has a problem with one of the kids…

I get along really well with the 12-year-old, but I have always struggled to build a relationship with my soon-to-be step daughter, Riley.

She has made it very clear to me, my fiance, and her bio-dad that she doesn’t view me as a parent and doesn’t want me to try and be a father to her because she already has one.

A few days ago, my fiance sent me a text asking me if I could pick up Riley from school because she had something come up at work that was going to keep her late.

My fiance usually picks up Riley once a week and brings her to a chiropractic appointment to help with a sports injury Riley got. She told me she would call the school to let them know that I would be picking Riley up because I wasn’t on the approved pick-up list yet.


However, when I got to Riley’s school, it quickly became apparent that my fiance forgot to call the school. The school has locked doors that require you to have a code or be buzzed in by the office.

I buzzed into the office to let them know I was there to pick up Riley and that my fiance should have called to let them know.

They didn’t know anything about it. I was left waiting outside for 5-10 minutes while they figured it out. I tried calling and texting my fiance but she didn’t answer.

This wasn’t going well.

Then, the school resource officer (an actual uniformed cop) came out and told me that I would have to leave and that if I refused then he would arrest me for trespassing. I tried talking with him but he just kept saying I was not authorized to be on school property and that I had to leave.

I had no choice but to leave without Riley. Finally, an hour later, my fiance called me back. I explained what happened and she apologized for forgetting to call the school because she got distracted with work. She told me she would figure it out and meet me at home.

The truth came out…

When she and Riley got home, Riley went straight to her room. My fiance sat me down and told me that Riley had lied to the office and told them that she didn’t know who I was and had never seen me before.

She thought it would be funny. She told me she explained to Riley how dangerous that was and was going to work with Riley’s dad to figure out a punishment.

Needless to say, I did not take that news well. I admit I did raise my voice to her. I didn’t yell, but I did get louder than I usually talk.

This is supposed to be funny?

She told me to calm down and I told her that I won’t calm down because her daughter almost got me arrested because she thought it would be funny.

I told her that she’s just as responsible for this as Riley is because she didn’t call the school and it put me in a position where I looked like a creep or predator.

My fiance thinks I am overreacting and that I need to let her and Riley’s dad handle this.”

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I’d be upset, too!


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