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His Girlfriend Wanted To Extend Her Trip In Italy Without Him, So He Refused To Buy Her A New Plane Ticket Home

by Matthew Gilligan

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I don’t want to sway your opinion, but all I can say is that the guy you’re about to hear from should run and never look back!

And you’ll see why I said that in just a minute…

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AITA for refusing to pay for my girlfriend’s plane ticket after she decided to stay longer on her trip without me?

“My (28M) girlfriend (27F) of two years and I planned a two-week vacation to Italy.

I paid for the flights, hotels—everything, because I make more than she does, and I wanted it to be a stress-free trip for both of us.

And then, it happened…

Everything was great until the last day when she tells me she wants to stay longer to “find herself” and think about our relationship without me.

She didn’t discuss this with me beforehand, and it completely blindsided me.

I was hurt and told her that if she feels she needs time alone, then she should also be independent financially during this extension of her trip.

I said I wouldn’t be paying for her new return ticket whenever she decides to come back.

What does she expect?!?!

Now, she’s upset, calling me unsupportive and selfish, and some of our friends are saying I’m being an ******* because I left her stranded in a foreign country without financial help.

So, Reddit, AITA for refusing to pay for her new plane ticket home after she chose to extend her trip without any heads-up?”

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Yeah, this isn’t gonna last long…

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