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His Girlfriend Wants To Charge Him $700 A Month For Rent, But He Thinks It’s Unfair Since Her House Is Paid For

by Matthew Gilligan

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This is a tough situation and I can see if from the perspective of both parties involved.

I think…

Now it’s your turn to see if you think this guy is out of line…or his girlfriend is the one to blame…

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AITA (28m) for not wanting to pay to stay in my girlfriend’s (26f) already paid-off house?

“My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 3 years now.

She’s been living at her parents house since she graduated from college at 21 despite having more than enough money to move out or move in with me as a software engineer.

She had a plan.

Her reasoning was she wanted to save up and invest all her money (and I mean literally all her money, she doesn’t have to pay for rent, groceries, utilities, anything) to buy this million dollar house next to the lake.

Well who would’ve thought if you dumped 150k into the stock market every year it isn’t that hard to end up with well over a million dollars in a couple years?

She bought the house without having to take out any loans and I finally thought we could move in together.

Wait a second…

Then she lets me know that I need to pay the $700 monthly HOA fee if I want to stay with her.

She doesn’t even think it’s fair to split it since she put all her money into the house and I wouldn’t even be able to afford a house like this without her doing so.

That she’s already paid more than “her fair share” and I should pick up the rest.

She also said I already pay more than this for the apartment I share with roommate so it’s not like I can’t afford it.

My girlfriend makes significantly more than me and my name isn’t even on the house so I don’t think it’s fair to make me pay anything.


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This guy is just waving red flags.

He’ll be lucky if she doesn’t dump him.

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