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His Neighbors Asked Him And His Dog To Go Inside When Their Kids Are Around, But He Tells Them They Can Be Outside Whenever They Want

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Some people can be so pushy…

I understand wanting to protect your kids and all that, but singling someone out just because they happen to be in the general vicinity of your children seems a bit much…

Is this guy doing anything wrong?

Check out his story and see what you think.

AITA neighbor says I’m making them uncomfortable being around their kids?

“I (40m) live in a somewhat rural place. Decent land between houses, and a lot of forest.

In between me and my neighbors land there’s a decent sized pond. Technically it’s all on my land but one side of it is surrounded by neighbor land.

There’s a dock on it, I upgraded it about 15 years ago so it’s somewhat nice. It’s right next to the property boundary if that’s important.

Sounds nice and relaxing…

I go down there somewhat often, I usually am down there for a few hours in the evening with my dog, my work computer, and sometimes a drink.

My neighbors are in their late 20s/early 30s, moved in a few years ago. They have a pair of young kids, both under ten(I’d guess maybe 5/6 and 8/9).

Their backyard is not far from where I am in the evening, and neither yard is fenced in. Every few days the kids come outside when I am down by the pond.

Excuse me?

I ignore them, but about a week ago my neighbors approached me and asked if I would go inside or somewhere else when their kids were outside.

They said I made them feel uncomfortable letting their kids go in the backyard, and that their kids are also scared of my dog.

I do not pay any attention to their kids, I usually am facing away from them, and never directly facing them.

I do get why they would not want their kids outside alone with me nearby, as much as it sucks (because this seems to have been misunderstood, I am not on any registry nor do I have any criminal history, however I get that they may feel uneasy about their kids being around a man that they do not know very well).

My dog is always tied up when he’s on the dock with me. He never barks when we’re down there usually he naps.

He is a fairly large dog (75-80 pounds), but there is almost no chance he could or would hurt them.

Mind your own business!

They also expressed concern about me drinking.

I do not get anywhere near the point of being intoxicated, it’s at most 1 drink when I do have it (and I have it maybe a couple times a month).

I told them that I appreciate them reaching out to me but I’m not going to stop.

This week I kept doing it, and I got a somewhat angry letter.

I’m honestly starting to doubt if I should just head inside when they come out.

AITA for not listening to them and WIBTA if I kept doing what I’m doing?”

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