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His Parents Want Him To Invite His Friends Over, But He Won’t Do It Because His Little Sister Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

by Matthew Gilligan

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Some parents don’t know when to stay in their own lanes…

I know they technically still control things when kids are younger, but that doesn’t mean they get to dictate who they should hang out with!

The kid you’re going to hear from is sick and tired of his folks and wants to know if he’s wrong for not going along with the program.

AITA for telling my parents they can’t make me invite friends over?

“I (16m) don’t invite my friends over to my house anymore.

It’s been just over a year and my parents are only really noticing that I just outright stopped.

The reason for me stopping is my younger sister (12f).

He’s uncomfortable with this.

She’s on the spectrum and talks a lot.

You can’t have a conversation with her, she doesn’t do well with that and her social skills are really bad, you just have to listen.

But she can talk for hours without stopping and her special interests are always her topic.

It’s too much to listen to non-stop but stopping her makes her upset.

She would come into my room or into the game room when I had friends over and talk.

It meant we couldn’t talk to each other without talking over her and it bored them and made them uncomfortable because they witnessed how upset she’d get when I asked her gently to stop talking or tried changing the subject and told her we needed to talk about other stuff.

It’s all on him.

My parents typically pawn my sister off on me when they grow tired of listening to her talk. They expect me to deal with it.

But the older I get the less patience I have to listen like that for so long.

So they liked when I had friends over because it was more people to listen to my sister.

Now that my friends no longer come over they’re annoyed that she talks more to them because I don’t spend as much time at home.

On Saturday my parents asked why I never bring my friends over anymore and I told them we do other stuff now that we can’t do at home.

They said it was odd that it happened so abruptly and I shrugged.

He finally had to tell them the truth.

They told me I should invite my friends over some more.

I told them I didn’t want to and they pressed why.

I told them it didn’t matter and they said it did because it was more people for my sister to socialize with, sorta.

I told them it wasn’t up to my friends to listen to my sister for hours at a time so they (my parents) could get a break.

My parents told me I will invite them over.

I said they can’t make me invite friends over.

My parents told me of course they can and I should be less rude to them. They also told me it’s cruel to deny my sister this.


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I honestly feel bad for both of the kids.

Not the parents, though.

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