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His Sister Made A Rude Remark About His Lifestyle, So He Refused to Give Her A Ride To A Concert

by Matthew Gilligan

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There comes a time in every person’s life when they have to put their foot down and say that enough is enough.

And boy, does it feel good!

The guy who wrote this story finally stood up to his family and he was nice enough to share his story on Reddit.

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I finally put my foot down for my spoiled sister’s bad behavior and stood up to my parents.

“When I (then 19M) was home for the summer from college, my sister (then 17F) was reveling in being the only child in the house. My sister is the baby of the family and act likes it. We generally get along but she could occasionally be a spoiled brat.

They had different experiences growing up.

I am the opposite of my sister. For most of my childhood I was a bit of a doormat. Classic middle child, very well behaved and under the radar.

I didn’t fight back much, did as I was told, and generally behaved. The biggest shakeup I brought to the family was when I came out as gay at 17.

No one was really bothered by it and my family is generally pretty supportive. Still, it was a difficult thing to process and I am glad I got to the point I have today.

This is relevant to the story.

Now, at the time I was a much better and more responsible driver than my sister and as a condition for staying at home for the summer rent free my parents would occasionally ask me to drive my sister to and from places they didn’t want her driving (usually longer distances or on the highway).

For the most part I did not mind. I love my sister and we generally get along very well. But like I said she can occasionally be a real brat and has trouble when things don’t go her way.

One night my sister had gotten tickets to attend concert with a boy she liked. As my aunt and uncle were in town and my parents wanted to spend the afternoon having a few glasses of wine out on the patio they asked if I would be ok driving my sister to the concert that evening.

I accepted and figured that was that. My sister and cousins decided they wanted to look at some new outfits and asked me to drive with them to the mall. Being the good brother/cousin I was, I piled them into my car and took them to the mall.

Things went south…

All was well until my sister decided I was getting on her nerves over something and we got into an argument. Wasn’t a big deal until my sister, visibly annoyed, rolled her eyes and said:

“You don’t have the be such a ‘******’ about it”

I saw red.

I had been called this word before and have been able to shrug it off, but from my own family? I was not going to take it. I could have yelled, argued more, or even stooped to her level but it suddenly came over me what I was going to do. It was simple. I was not going to drive her to the concert.

I told her as much and she smirked to tell me “yah, right like mom and dad are going to be okay with that.”

He got another shock.

Now when we got home I went to my parents, explained what happened and let them know I would not be driving her to the concert. To my complete lack of surprise they took her side and explained to me they understood I was upset but I would still need to take her to the concert. My sister’s smug look was all I needed.

“No.” was all I said.

My parents seemed confused and then explained that that was not an option. I simply said “you cannot make me. I do not care what you do. I will not drive her.”

Years of resentment over having to be the “good” sibling finally spilled out and I simply said “no.”

My parents, a few glasses of wine deep, tried everything. They threatened to ground me, yelled at me, threatened to take my things, got in my face, and I held my ground. I told them I would take any punishment they wanted but no one could force me to drive her.

At one point I even looked my father in the eye and said “Tell me it’s ok for her to call me a ‘******.’ Tell me it’s ok for anyone to do that” and my parents didn’t know what to do. They were too wasted to drive and it was too late to ask anyone else.

My sister refused to apologize but as we got closer to the time we had to leave I could tell she was starting to panic. The rage on her face was building up and it was the sweetest revenge I could ask for.

For once she wasn’t going to get her way and there was nothing she could do about it. Nothing would make me do it. This was the hill I would *** on.

I think she learned a lesson…maybe…

My sister ended up missing more than half of the show and cried the whole night. It’s what she deserved.

As for me, my parents never even ended up punishing me. Maybe they were too stunned to do anything or more likely saw that I was right.

But from that point on I had no problem setting boundaries as needed. I could be kind but I wasn’t going to be my family’s doormat.”

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