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Wealthy In-Laws Invite Him Along On Lavish Family Vacations. His Sister Doesn’t Understand Why She Can’t Go, Too.

by Ryan McCarthy

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Upper class vacations are a whole different level of luxury, and most of us will never know firsthand what it’s like.

It’s only natural to be jealous when one of your friends or family members invited along for the trip of a lifetime, but being jealous doesn’t mean you’re entitled to an invite!

Unfortunately, this man’s sister learned that the hard way when he refused to invite them on his wife’s family vacation, which his wealthy in-laws were paying for entirely!

Would he have been overstepping to invite her and her family? Decide for yourself!

AITA for never asking my wealthy in laws to invite my siblings or immediate family on our big vacations?

My wife and I have been married for about 8 years now.

I had a pretty generic middle class upbringing while her family would be considered “Old money”.

I have no idea how much wealth they actually have but its multi-generational and needless to say they’ll never worry about money.

They never give us cash outright, but for each of our kids births they set aside 100k in an interest bearing account for their college.

They have also been extremely generous with the vacations they’ve taken us on. My wife I both have pretty good jobs and we are able to support our not very fancy lifestyle ourselves.

And when he and his wife were invited on one of their extravagant trips, they were obviously very grateful, and excited!

This July we’re going on a trip with our kids and her family, including the nuclear families of her two siblings and then a few family friends of theirs.

My mother and father in law are paying for everything including the flights, villa were staying at, and various meals and activities.

This will be the 5th vacation like this they’ve taken us on. Not including our honeymoon they paid for.

I never imagined being this close to that kind of wealth before but I have to say they’ve been nothing but welcoming and generous with me.

Even offering me high paying jobs I probably don’t deserve and offering to pay for my grad school if I choose to go.

However, not everyone in his family was excited as he was for their extravagant trip!

My sister recently asked me what my summer plans were and if I had any trips. I told her about this one and she got noticeably annoyed/jealous.

She asked me why I’ve never asked about inviting her and her family since other friends of the family get invited often to these big trips.

For example, some trips have had 10-20 non family members there that they hosted/paid for.

But he thought it would seem incredibly selfish to invite his whole family on a trip he isn’t paying for!

TBH I never even thought about asking to include my relatives in that, but I feel like that’d come off a little greedy so I just don’t.

I told her that, and she thinks I’m being selfish.

I think a lot of it is just jealousy which I can understand because she’s complained about never being to Europe and its splurging for her to just go on a regional vacation.

I do feel like that is kinda totally unrelated to my situation though.

I understand being upset you can’t go to Europe, but calling him selfish for refusing to invite people on a vacation he’s not paying for? That’s just delusional!

It seems like Reddit agrees.

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This user said he was wise not to bite the hand that feeds him!

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Many thought that his sister was seriously pushing her luck, and that she had no reason to be invited regardless!

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And this commenter thought his in laws might not feel as generous if he started asking for his family to tag along.

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Finally, this user said if his sister expected to be invited, she should tell that to his in-laws herself!

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Why would his sister be invited to his wife’s family trip in the first place?

It’s a pretty bizarre ask, I think.

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