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Weird Neighbor Wants To Park His Truck In His Driveway Indefinitely, But They Don’t Want To Say No Because They’re Afraid Of His Reaction

by Matthew Gilligan

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Here we go again…

Another day, another weirdo neighbor story from Reddit.

And this time the weirdo in question is asking for quite a bit!

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WIBTA for not wanting my weird neighbor to indefinitely use my driveway?

“Me (23F) and my partner Grace (28F) have recently purchased a home. When we moved in four months ago, we were visited by the neighbor across the street, Rob (50s/M).

He was visibly uncomfortable and awkward while speaking to us, but was polite overall.

I didn’t think much of it until the next time he came over to our house. He approached Grace while she was figuring out a new electric lawnmower, and asked her if she “had ever mowed a lawn before,” and if she “knows how photosynthesis works.”

This guy is a weirdo…

He also asked if Grace remembered his name despite us meeting only once briefly.

Grace responded “yes, I’ve mowed lots of lawns before, this is just a new lawnmower and I’m figuring it out. Remind me of your name?”

Rob just said “now I’m mad” and stormed off.

I thought the interaction was weird, since Grace is extremely polite. I assumed the conversation went misunderstood and moved on.


A few months go by without hearing from Rob, and I notice a truck starts parking in our driveway to drop Rob off from work. Rob and the coworker sit and talk for up to 20 minutes sometimes.

I’m uncomfortable with this, since nobody asked to use our driveway, but I let it go after Grace assured me it wasn’t a big deal.

Tonight, when Grace was bringing home dinner after dark, he approached Grace while she was exiting her vehicle and yelled “I don’t mean to scare you!”

Which, obviously, scared her.

He launched into a story about how he finally has a truck from work, but his driveway has walls and an incline; it’s too narrow for him to exit the truck. He asked Grace if he could park his truck in our driveway after work.

We only have one car, but have 2 gravel driveways that can fit 3-5 vehicles between them. There’s no street parking on our road, but there are a couple of lots nearby/within walking distance.

We often have guests over for game nights and such, and usually fill the driveway up during those days.

Talk about pushy…

Grace asked him how long he would need the driveway, and he said “indefinitely, it won’t fit anywhere else.”

She let him park for the night and told him we would talk it over and get back to him.

I’m worried about liability issues and that I don’t know or trust Rob. I think he’s weird and impolite, and I’m worried he will take advantage of us.

Grace says telling him yes is the neighborly thing to do, and that I am being overly suspicious and critical of Rob.”

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