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His Wife Wants To Charge His Eighteen-Year-Old Son Rent. He Said No Because His Son Will Always Come First.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

I understand charging your kid rent if they’re like 30-years-old or something, but the minute they turn 18?


And I guess I’m not the only person who feels that way!

Check out his story and see if you think he took things too far with his wife.

AITA for telling my wife that my son will always come before her?

“My (32m) wife (30f) is concerned over our financial situation.

His wife had a bright idea…

I think her concern is misplaced but I told her my income isn’t going to change anytime soon so I asked her what we wanted to do about it.

She suggested that when my son (she is his stepmother) turns 18 we should start charging him rent.

He’s not having it.

I immediately shut down that idea and told her we would have to think of something else because there’s no way I’m charging my son to live in our house.

She said it was reasonable since I was paying most of his college tuition but I told her there are alternatives.

I suggested we stopped eating out so much because it’s $50-$100 per meal but she didn’t like that idea.

I suggested other things which she rejected so I told her I’m open to suggestions but my son isn’t going to be our source of income.

She told me I should think more of her than my son.

And then he said it…

That made me a little mad so I told her my son will always come before her.

She called me an ******* after that and hasn’t talked to me since.

Did I overstep?”

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I definitely think this stepmother is out of line.

It might be time for her to get a job.

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