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His Wife Won’t Contribute Financially To The New House They’re Buying, So He Pushed Back And Won’t Put Her on the Deed

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

You never like to see people split up, especially when there are kids involved, but the couple you’re going to read about in this story from Reddit seems to have a lot of issues…


So, is this guy being unfair to his wife?

Read on and see what you think…

AITA for not wanting my wife on the deed to new house?

“My wife and I have been married for 3 years and have generally kept our finances separate. We were both working when we got married although I make significantly more.

She stopped working when we had a kid, at which time I set up a joint account funded entirely by me for her to use for her expenses.

We both owned homes prior to marriage and kept both, we’ve been living in my home and she didn’t want to rent her home out and uses it more or less like a vacation property.

Someone’s gonna have to budge…

We recently found a new home to buy together, but it would require at least one of the homes we own be sold in order to afford.

She does not want to sell her place, nor does she want to contribute any of her very substantial liquid investments to the new house.

She claims her contribution is staying at home and taking care of the baby.

For what it’s worth, I have never discouraged her to go back to work and told her we could arrange child care.

He gave her an ultimatum.

I told her that I did not expect her to pay half of the down payment since we have a disparity in income, nor do I expect her to contribute to the monthly payments since she is not working, but that if she wants to be on the deed she needs to contribute some reasonable amount of her savings.

If she wants me to sell my premarital home and pay 100% of the down payment and all of the upkeep on the home while she sits on her cash mountain of investments and contributes zero, then the house needs to be in my name only.

She is accusing me of not valuing her work as a mom (incidentally I work full time and contribute more than my fair share of child care on evenings and weekends) and said if I wanted things to be fair I could carry and deliver our next baby (to be clear, I am a man).

AITA here?”

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It seems like these two have some work to do.

Let’s hope they figure it out!

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