May 28, 2024 at 8:26 am

His Wife Won’t Miss An Exercise Class To Hang Out With His Family When They’re Town, So He Complains That She’s Prioritizing The Gym Too Much

by Matthew Gilligan

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You can’t miss one day at the gym…?

Are you sure about that?

That’s kind of a weird stance to take, isn’t it?

But it happened!

And this guy wants to know if he’s wrong for giving his wife a hard time about it.

Check out his story and see if you think he did anything wrong.

AITA – I asked my wife to skip a day of gym coz my aunts were visiting?

“My aunts, who are almost like my parents, who raised me during my teenage years, are visiting my city.

They rarely go out of where they live and go on vacations. After so much convincing for a year between my sister and I, they finally decided to. It’s like a mini vacation to them.

My kids are on a spring break for that week too and had no plan for the day. So my sister and I decided to take them someplace on that day with the kid (of course, along with my wife).

There was a problem…

Her first reaction when I said it – “Oh. I have the gym class that day. I haven’t been there for a week.” to which my response is “Can you not skip it?”

After a few days, she kept saying “Can I not go” and such. I responded yesterday and just say “Could you just go for me? To make me happy?”

Today, she brought up again to which I have no response. Then when we are choosing the time, she suggested afternoon because morning is her gym hour.

I told her it’ll be too hot in the afternoon and morning is better. Then she said she really wants to go to the gym.

Then I just told her “is your gym really that important?” And now she’s mad.

What’s the big deal?

She’s not an exercise freak or anything. She just started going to this gym class like 4 months ago.

Before that, she never does any gym or exercise anyway.

Last week, our kid was sick. We brought him home.

She missed her class, and I even okayed she leaves the kid with me while she goes to a make up class.

Btw, I work from home and she doesn’t work at all.

She’s a SAHM.”

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Yeah, she knows she can go at anytime.

Family comes first!

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