May 29, 2024 at 11:15 pm

Husband Demands Money Back From A Purchase Their Daughter Accidentally Made, But She Won’t Do It Because He Should Have Been More Careful

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

This guy needs a reality check!

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AITA for not paying my husband back for our daughter’s purchase?

“I’m not necessarily a stay at home mom but I do have our daughter every day while I watch 2 other children (they are all 4) so I still make money and pay half the bills.

I was in the room with my daughter while she was playing a video game, I was folding laundry.

I was paying more attention to my laundry and my daughter went to the home screen and selected currency to purchase in a game. This was a 50$ purchase.


My husband’s card is connected, so he was charged, he gets the notification instantly that his card was charged and comes in the room asking what happened.

I didn’t know, since I didn’t see, and he explained the charge on his card and realize she made the purchase.

He said it’s fine, I’ll just have to pay him back.


I asked why, since it’s also his child and he agreed to let her play and he didn’t put pin protection on so that this wouldn’t happen.

He said “you were the one watching her”.

I don’t think I should have to pay him back for this incident since it was an accident and she’s 4 and I wouldn’t expect him to pay me back either if the roles were reversed. he’s still expecting payment back though.

AITA for refusing to pay him back?”

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This person said she’s NTA.

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Hell no!

This guy sounds like a jerk!

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