May 15, 2024 at 10:25 pm

If You Can’t Afford A Rental Car, Grab A UHaul And Save Some Cash. – ‘Saving $1,000 on a two-week trip.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@taygeryager

Renting a car has gotten more and more expensive in recent years and it’s no wonder some people are struggling to afford them.

The good news is it turns out you could be saving a fortune by following this tip – and like who knew.

It comes from @taygeryager, who told her followers she’s got a priceless (well, almost) hack for getting a vehicle that isn’t gonna cost the earth.

Source: TikTok/@taygeryager

In her post, the TikToker and her boyfriend jump into a U-Haul.

The text overlay on this brilliant clip reads: “Too broke to rent a car. Whip for the week.”

Source: TikTok/@taygeryager

And it seems that a lot of people are getting on this, and U-Haul is being seen as a legit way to save that cash.

The company even bigs themselves up on their website on how you can save by renting for them.

Source: TikTok/@taygeryager

One thing’s for sure though, not many of us would rent a U-Haul for a wedding, or big family event, ha! Or would we?!

One couple recently shared their story of saving $1,000 on a two-week trip, rather than renting a car!

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Total genius!

Source: TikTok/@taygeryager


Source: TikTok/@taygeryager

Just slaying!

Source: TikTok/@taygeryager

It really seems you can’t go wrong.

I mean, what’s the downside?

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