May 12, 2024 at 2:33 pm

If Your Parents Had No Idea What Sort Of Drama Your Barbies Had, This Post Will Take You All The Way Back

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@alexarowe11

Most parents imagine their children playing innocently with their Barbies but @alexarowe11 has shone a light on just how she liked to play with her dolls as a child.

If you played with Barbie back in the day, you know that your dolls had secret drama your mom knew nothing about!

Source: TikTok/@alexarowe11

Alexa highlighted her point by holding a mock conversation between her two ‘Barbies’.

Spoiler the dolls are actually C-3PO and Rae from the Star Wars franchise.

“Wow. You look so nice today,” she said, holding one doll.

Holding another doll, she responded: “Thank you, so do you Barbie. Let’s go to the store.”

Source: TikTok/@alexarowe11

Then she switched to a conversation between her Barbie to her Ken: “How could you do that to me? You’re sleeping with every other Barbie? We have a family together.”

This really showed how kids were actually much more tuned into adult life than their parents could ever have imagined!

She responded with her Ken doll: “But I don’t love any of them like I love you!”

Source: TikTok/@alexarowe11

Her Barbie responded : “Stop! Do me and our 35 other children mean nothing to you? The fact we’re getting evicted from our apartment that you haven’t even been paying for!”

The clip ends with the TikToker’s daughter shouting it’s time to go out and the woman responds “Just five more minutes.”

It’s kind of cool to see a mom having playtime isn’t it!

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Too funny!

Source: TikTok/@alexarowe11

Creative Barbie fans!

Source: TikTok/@alexarowe11

Dysfunctional Barbie, ha!

Source: TikTok/@alexarowe11

We were just playing out our own drama.

It’s like therapy, basically.

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