May 13, 2024 at 4:56 pm

Loud Neighbors Kept Them From Studying For An Important Exam, So They Enlisted Their Classmates For A Little Ding-Dong-Ditch Action

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

I’m the kind of person who gets incredibly ANGRY when my sleep is disturbed.

Consider that a warning, okay…?

But enough about me!

Check out this story from Reddit and learn about how this young person got back at their sleep disturbers.

Gonna disturb my sleep, fine.

“I remember when i was younger there was this guy that would always talk on the phone at night and very loudly, many times swearing pretty bad and, for 6 years old me, that wasnt nice.

2 years later this guy moves out and a couple move in, and it was great. They were really nice and polite and they tried for a kid many times but failed, so they really shown kindness towords me.

But here comes the reason for this story, 1 year ago they moved out, because their small business did well and they moved in a bigger city.

They put the flat for sale and left. I was sad but i hoped to get some cool new neighbors like them.

Uh oh…

I did not.

This young lady and her 4 year old are like demons.

So let me explain, soon after they moved in, i heard some nasty arguments between the mom and son, and i never thought i would hear a 4 years old, call his mother a *****, i was in shock for a second, than i realised what kind of people they are.

It didn’t get any better.

Months go by, and the situation gets worse, at late hours of the night, i hear screaming and swears and i really really need my sleep. A very big exam is coming and i need a good grade and they do not make my situation better.

So here comes my revenge. My classmates are up to anything that could give them some laughs, so that’s what i did. I let them knock on their door, hit their door multiple times and they were not happy, but i could care less.

And this lady said she would call the police, but she has no evidence i was related.

So now every time she bothers me again i do this treatment, but lately she has been more quiet so it think it worked.”

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Good work!

Now go get some sleep!

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