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Manager Told Them They Were Lazy And Incompetent, So They Stood Back And Watched Them Get Destroyed By A Customer

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Whatever you say, boss!

Have you ever said that at work before and then watched with glee as it blew up in a bigwig’s face?

It’s glorious!

And this story is a great example of that…

Check out what happened!

Make me feel bad? Get to feel extremely embarrassed.

“I work in asset financing (for motor vehicles and land mostly).

How it works is you find a nice piece of land or a nice car but you don’t have the full asset price? We buy the asset for you and you repay us within a specific period of time (with interest) and we give you the deed to the property after you’ve cleared the loan with us.

I’m just laying the foundation here.

Well I got to work at a customer service role for the job and a client comes to request for his deed, in this case a Logbook for his car, as he had cleared his loan. I check and find that his deed is not ready and I asked him to come back in a couple of weeks.

They weren’t having it.

The client didn’t want to hear this as he needed proof of ownership for his vehicle and he wanted the document in that instance.

I completely understood the client though I couldn’t do anything other than escalate the issue to the manager of the relevant department in the hopes that he’d figure something out.

And then the manager opened his mouth…

I went to his office and gave him a brief recap of the situation and he said I was incompetent and lazy because I couldn’t handle the issue properly and I have a habit of escalating unnecessary cases to him.

This is coming from a guy who doesn’t pick up calls during working hours and spends most of his time on YouTube and TikTok. He also gets mad when you go to his desk for anything especially work stuff.

He asked me to get the client and watch how easily he could solve the issue. Turns out the client was more than he could handle because the client started shouting at him as soon as I’d ushered him to the office.

The manager started with the nonsense of it’s the govt causing the delay and he needs to be patient. I was watching this and thought it couldn’t get better.

This got UGLY.

The client stood up and slapped the manager and scattered the contents of his desk all over the floor. Other staff heard and security escorted the client out.

I’ll never forget the looks the manager gave me after things had settled. He rarely speaks to me now and handles my escalations quickly and better. I always have a big ole smile on my face when I recall this.”

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Welp… that backfired!

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