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Mom Gives Her Daughter’s Best Friend Birthday Concert Tickets, But She Learns The Friend’s Mom Plans To Use Them With Her Other Child… So She Snatches Them Back

by Ryan McCarthy

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Can I be honest? Getting a good birthday gift for someone is a lot of pressure.

But going through the whole process of gift giving and then having someone else TAKE the gift from them? Now that’s unheard of!

Unfortunately for this kind mother, that’s exactly what happened when she tried to give her daughter’s best friend concert tickets as a birthday gift!

Was she wrong to take them back? Decide for yourself!

AITA for taking back a gift after I learned the birthday person would not be the one using it?

My daughter, Jenny, (13) has a best friend, Morgan (nearly 13). The two of them spend a lot of time together at our place.

I do not know Morgan’s mother very well as Jenny doesn’t often go to their house.

This is mainly because Morgan’s house is a little chaotic.

She has 4 siblings. Jenny is an only child and Morgan has said she likes the quiet at our house.

And at this point, she said Morgan was basically part of the family!

Morgan has done a lot of stuff with us.

I occasionally enter radio/online competitions and will win tickets to certain local events.

When I won 4 tickets to a concert last year, Jenny and I brought Morgan along with one other friend.

We all had a blast.

Recently, I won another pair of tickets to a concert that I planned to attend with Jenny.

A few days after, I was told about a work trip that I have to take that falls that weekend.

Instead of letting the tickets go to waste, her daughter had the genius idea to give them to Morgan as a birthday present!

So, Jenny suggested we give the tickets to Morgan for her birthday.

She could either go with another friend or her mom.

I checked with Morgan’s mom before we mentioned this to Morgan and she said that was fine.

But Morgan’s Mom might have had an ulterior motive for agreeing to the present!

Last night, Morgan was at our house and she seemed upset.

When I asked why, she said her mom was taking her brother to the concert because “her brother has never been to a concert before”.

I asked if Morgan’s brother even liked the band and Morgan said no, it was just the principle of the matter.

Morgan and her other 3 siblings have been to concerts.

He hasn’t and since they can’t afford stuff like this, he gets to go.

This obviously rubbed her the wrong way, and she decided she was gonna take that gift right back!

I found this unfair and honestly a waste of tickets.

I called Morgan’s mom to double check this story and she confirmed it all, including her 11 year old son barely knowing anything about the band.

I said I’m sorry, but I don’t feel right giving these as a birthday gift anymore as these were for Morgan.

I said we’d give them to Jenny and Morgan’s other friend who I know likes the band, and we’ll get Morgan something else for her birthday.

Morgan is fine with this.

Morgan’s Mom obviously was none too happy about getting the tickets she wanted revoked…

Morgan’s mom is mad and says I’m trying to tell her how to parent.  I don’t think I am.

If a different friend gave Morgan the tickets and it was the same result, as rude as I’d find her mom doing this, I wouldn’t say anything as that’s not my business.

As I am giving the tickets, I want them to go to Morgan.

I’d also maybe feel different if the brother loved the band too but as he doesn’t, I don’t want to give them.

So here I am left wondering if I’m being a jerk here?

She gave the tickets to Morgan, not to Morgan’s family!

Reddit assured OP that she wasn’t rude for wanting Morgan to use her birthday gift, and many said they were just straight up confused about what her Mom was thinking.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user highlighted the absurdity of the situation by changing her gift of tickets for a gift of money.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user said she only rescinded the offer because its recipient was no longer happy with it.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user said she was just making sure that Morgan got a birthday gift she would actually be able to use!

Source: Reddit/AITA

If my Mom took a birthday gift as a kid and gave it to my brother, I think I’d be on the bus to my grandparents’!


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