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His Father Is In Jail And His Mom And Sister Refuse To Work, So He Finally Cuts Them Off Financially

by Michael Levanduski

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When your family needs help, it is only natural to want to help them.

There is a point, however, when you need to stand up for yourself and force your loved ones to stand on their own two feet.

The father of the person telling this story went to jail, and his mom and sister STILL won’t get a job to help support themselves.

This is when OP finally cuts them off, so of course they get upset.

Was he wrong for finally telling them to get a job?

Decide for yourself!

AITA for not finically supporting my family anymore and “abandoning them in their time of need”?

Im a 31(M) with a 25 y/o sister (who lives at home). My parents are in their 60s.

My mom and sister have never worked a real job other than under the table things like babysitting.

My dad was the only earner in the family.

While it can be frustrating when someone refuses to work, this guy still wanted to help them out in their time of need.

They were making it by until about 10 years ago when money started to get tight.

My parents house went into foreclosure and mom still did not get a job.

I gave them money to try to help. They lost the house anyway.

Again, no job was secured by my mom.

Even after helping them the first time, mom and sister still refuse to work (after 10 years!).

This was 10 years ago. Fast forward to today.

The house they live in now is in foreclosure again and no one seems to have a sense of urgency to seek employment.

It turns out, Dad was an addict this whole time and is now being sent to jail. Mom & sis will have to work now, right?

Turns out money was tight these last 10 years because my dad was a functioning opioid addict.

He really started to spiral the last 6 months and is now in prison for the next 2 years.

I have always been the person in my family to pick up the pieces and be the one everyone turns to.

Since my dad has been in jail, i have not talked to him.

I have also stopped talking to my mom and sister because they have not paid me for bills I have in my name that they are responsible for, but yet they send my dad in jail money.

OP finally asks his family to start contributing, but they ignore him.

I gave them months of encouragement to try to find a job and kept paying the bills while they tried to figure it out.

When I have asked for the money recently, since months have gone by with no employment secured, my mom straight up ignored my calls and texts.

I’m done.

Sounds like this guy is finally fed up.  About time!

They tell me I’m an jerk for leaving them in their time of need and they “have been trying to find jobs all the time but it’s hard to get one”.

I call BS. I’m tired of being the fixer, I’m tired of being an enabler.


In my opinion, this guy went above and beyond for his family, and they were just lazy.

Of course, he may feel bad for finally cutting them off, but it is what they deserve.

Let’s see what other people think about the situation.

This commenter suggests making it clear that the gravy train is coming to an end.

Source: Reddit/AITAH

This is spot on. OP is a classic enabler and his family won’t change until he forces the issue.

Source: Reddit/AITAH

Actions…Meet consequences.

Source: Reddit/AITAH

While I’m all for helping your loved ones if you have the means, generosity has to have limits.

This guy is anything but the AH and really did far more than his family deserved.

Some people will just keep taking advantage of you until you force them to stop.

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