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Her Friend’s Girlfriend Called Her The “Typical Girl Best Friend,” So She Skipped His Birthday Party

by Michael Levanduski

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If your friend is dating someone who hates you (and even suspects that you want to get with your friend) it can definitely put stress on the friendship.

When everyone acts like adults and communicates clearly, however, you can  usually work things out.

In this story, however, she skipped her friends birthday party in order to avoid the drama.

AITA for skipping my friends birthday without warning because his GF calls me “The Typical GBF”?

Miles and I have known each other since we were 2 because our parents are best friends.

Now I would not say Miles is my best friend. He is a good friend and we do hang out on occasion but see each other on all major holidays because of our parents.

We are in our early 20s.

There are few things in life more special than a childhood friend, and it sounds like these two have some great memories together.

The problem started because of a dumb childhood memory. When we were 8, we had a wedding play on school after care. I played the bride and Miles the groom.

It was a play. With horrible songs and uncoordinated kids.

Obviously our parents made pictures and videos of that. And we each have one picture on our family picture walls.

Oh boy. Miles’ girlfriend isn’t happy that he has a female friend.

Miles is dating Lindy. They met 3 years ago and started dating last year.

Lindy does not like me.

So every time we coincide at a celebration, she makes a comment about me being the typical girl best friend.

She one time said that I secretly wanted to sleep with Miles.

Sounds like Lindy is just being jealous.

I have no clue where she got that impression from.

Miles and I have different friend groups and schedules. Besides the monthly catch-up over food, we didn’t really meet that much.

Things got worse when Lindy saw the wedding play picture. The comments just got more.

She even started DMing me on Instagram saying “she knew what game i was playing.”

I talked to Miles once about this, and he told me to give her time.

While I can definitely sympathize with a little jealousy, Lindy is taking things a little too far.

So his birthday was on Saturday and I was invited.

Lindy wrote me saying something along the lines that she was going to supervise me.

This was their first birthday as a couple, and I was not allowed to take up his time.

I was honestly just fed up. I tried talking to Miles once more, but he said the same thing.

So I just skipped out. When the party started I wrote a quick sorry I can’t come and told him my mother was going to bring his present.

Now he is upset with me for missing his birthday Lindy is mad that I made it all about myself, and my parents are upset I missed a “family function”


This story had me jumping back and forth on whose side I was on, but she probably made the right decision in just skipping this party.

Reddit wasn’t quite so understanding. Check out these comments:

She shouldn’t take the blame!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Lindy’s insecurities are not worth her mental energy.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Now here’s an interesting take.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I can understand the actions of all the parties involved with this story.

Some friends just aren’t worth it once you have to deal with their significant other.

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