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Her Husband Was Asked To Teach The Neighbor’s Son To Snowboard, But Now Hubby Is Spending More Time With The Neighbor’s Family Then His Own

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Canva

There’s definitely different levels to someone asking you a for a favor.

Watering their plants for them while they are on vacation? Alright.

Helping them move their obnoxiously big couch out of their apartment? Sorry, I’m busy!

But even for the most outrageous favors asked of you, it can be pretty difficult to say no, especially when a friend is asking!

But when this user’s husband was repeatedly asked by their neighbor to give her son free snowboarding lessons, she soon became fed up with her incessant requests!

Was she in the wrong to ask her husband to say no? Decide for yourself!

AITA for telling my husband to stop helping my neighbor and her son.

About five years ago my neighbor Jane kept walking over to our house and sending me messages asking for help for her son to learn to snowboard from my husband.

Jane’s husband wasn’t interested in helping and she kept telling me how great it was that my husband would snowboard with my son.

At one point she asked if my husband, her, and her son could go snowboarding together? I put my foot down and said absolutely not.

But she said Jane’s requests of her husband were still coming in after five years!

Fast forward a number of years later and her son is now 16.

She again asked for help buying a new snowboard and my husband is nice and went and helped her and her son purchase one.

She then started texting him asking if she could go with my husband and my son and her and her son snowboarding the next weekend.

My husband said that was fine however, my son decided not to go last minute because he wanted to just spend time with my husband. (My husband didn’t know that but I did)

My husband spent the day with Jane and her son even after me telling him that I wasn’t happy about him going and that he should cancel .

But he said he had already told her he would and didn’t want to flake.

She said at this point, Jane’s demands were starting to make her uneasy, especially when she started texting her husband while he was at work!

She texts him during work hours (he replies) and has relentless questions and asking when the next time they can go snowboarding.

I told my husband to stop texting her and he can’t go with her anymore.

It’s making me uncomfortable.

And she also pointed out that Jane’s husband is around!

Her husband is around and did go with them to purchase the snowboard but doesn’t have the time to spend with them on the weekends.

So she wants my husband to go to help them and show them the ropes.

He’s one of those people that likes to help others. However – I told him to ghost her.

He said it’s gonna be weird when he sees her in the neighborhood and what he supposed to say when he sees her?

I told him to tell her that he’s just too busy. AITA?

I don’t see a problem with her helping out with Jane’s kid, but if it’s causing a rift between him and his own son, that’s a problem!

Reddit was on her side, saying it wasn’t her husband’s job to pick up the slack left by Jane’s absent partner.

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But some people didn’t think her husband was as innocent as he seemed!

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And this user pointed out that Jane could always get her son lessons instead of relying on her husband for everything.

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But other people thought her husband just didn’t want to have to say no to such a simple request.

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And finally, this user said maybe her husband is just a nice guy, and not the creep that the comments were making him out to be!

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Who knew doing someone a favor would be so controversial.

This does seem kind of excessive, though.