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Nosy Neighbor Complained To The HOA About Their Lawn, So They Made Sure Her Lawn Looked Horrible So They Could Make Their Own Complaint

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@kyddvisuals

Oh, boy…you know the drill…

If you’re familiar with Reddit stories about homeowners associations (HOAs), you know how ridiculous those folks can be…

And here’s another story about someone getting even!

Check out what happened!

Neighbor complained to the HOA about my yard.

“I have a Karen for a neighbor. She’s a grumpy old ***** with a live in son in his 40s and no other family or friends.

This lady was a nightmare…

And when I say she’s a Karen we’re talking to the point that she came into my property to yell at our landscaper about a boulder he was installing… on our property (something about believing it would fall over… onto more of our property…)

A few months after we moved in we receive a letter trying the HOA saying they’d received complaints and asking that we make sure we’re mowing watering and maintaining.

I chalked it up to moving into a nicer neighborhood and made an effort to mow twice a week instead of my normal once, added a little time to the sprinklers, and figured all was good…

It wasn’t over…

Apparently it was not all good as we received another letter stating the complaints had continued and the HOA wanted to talk with us to see what the problem was.

I should note, we had just moved in not that long ago, and hadn’t landscaped the back yet so were letting our dogs pee on the front at night, which lead to the inevitable patches of bright green grass that grow stupid fast.

Now I’ll freely admit I don’t keep my yard to the level of some of my neighbors, but it was in perfectly good shape outside some green spots in an otherwise average looking yard and I do my best to keep things mowed and looking decent.

Turns out grumpy had taken real offense to this and started complaining to the HOA. The hearing ended up bring mostly incoherent rambling, but the bottom line was she didn’t like how our lawn looked with the green spots…

Okay, whatever you say.

While the HOA agreed this was not her business and definitely not theirs, I decided she was right and we should stop letting our dogs out in the front to pee as I also don’t like the green spots.

Now, I put them on the leash and let them do their business in her yard (read: tree lawn). And I’m clearly not the only one as her entire yard is now COVERED in pee spots and **** spots on her actual lawn which my dogs don’t step for on.

Take that!

I’m pretty sure she’s complained about everyone with a dog, and now the entire neighborhood takes their dogs to her yard.

The best part, she actually does a bad job taking care of her lawn, weeds and crab grass everywhere, she just waters it almost nonstop. So today I got to report her to the HOA for her yard looking like total ****.

If it were any other house (there are much worse) I wouldn’t care at all, but this lady wanted lawns without spots so I’m just doing my part to enforce her rules…”

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That’ll show ’em!

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