May 25, 2024 at 4:37 pm

Online Seller Scams Woman Trying To Find A Christmas Present, So She Posts His Phone Number Under A Ridiculous Online Ad

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Pexels

It’s happened to all of us: you see something you love online, order it, and waited excitedly for it to arrive. But when it comes, it’s nothing like the picture they had on the website! Whether it be the complete wrong item, a lot cheaper than they made it seem, or much bigger/smaller than it appeared!

It almost makes you angry enough to go shop for something in store, until you remember that would involve leaving your couch!

But when this user got her husband a jacket he had been desperately wanting she was shocked to find the seller had lied about its size.

Check it out!

Blasted number on marketplace

My (31f) boyfriend (34m) really wanted this specific OVO Letterman jacket when we visited Toronto two years ago, and was unable to buy as it sold out online within 10 mins.

He’s the type of person who just buys whatever he wants whenever he wants so I thought it would be a great Christmas present to him as he was unable to buy the jacket.

I found someone on marketplace in Toronto that was selling a size L of the jacket, but my concern was receiving the jacket (I live two provinces away).

Through the help of FaceTime, OP was able to ensure that the jacket was being shipped and that she wasn’t being duped…

After sending money and not being scammed. We ended up FaceTiming at the post office and I sent him the $1600 dollars after receiving tracking info.

He even showed me that it had never been opened, tags in tacked, I was GOLDEN and couldn’t wait to surprise my boyfriend.

The day the jacket arrives, I leave work early to pick up the package (to hide from bf), open it immediately and glee with excitement.

But she soon realized there was something not right about her delivery, it was the wrong size!

I notice the tag- it’s a size MEDIUM?!? Now my boyfriend is a big guy and there was no way he was fitting this size medium.

I burst into tears and contacted the guy, but found he had deleted his marketplace profile.

So here comes the petty revenge- I had this guys number and posted on every marketplace, city of Toronto forum and Kijiji.

And OP had the perfect ad to post to get her revenge on this scammer!

One add was to sell tickets to a concert, one for a sold out hockey game and multiple adds I wrote said:

“M seeking m. Preferably 65+ who have small, unique packages. Photos are encouraged. Text this number. ###-###-####”

Now, I don’t know if he actually received anything but my rage and petty revenge felt fulfilled after doing this.

That’s one way to get your payback, flooding this guy’s phones with the nudes of pervy old men from the internet! I like OP’s style!

Reddit loved seeing a scammer get served justice, however unusual.

And for all the people thinking it could have just been a mistake, Reddit wasn’t so sure.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

And finally, this user had advice for OP on how to take the revenge further!

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

And one of the most obvious things somebody has ever said about scammers.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Honestly, with Drake’s track record recently, maybe it’s better OP never got that jacket!