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Pastor’s Family Refuses To Pay The Last Months Of Their Rent And Steal Furniture, So Landlord Calls The Church And Exposes Them All

by Ryan McCarthy

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As someone who rents an apartment, it is my God-given right to complain about my landlord.

It’s like a rite of passage, especially considering how apathetic some of them can be to the problems in the apartments they rent out to people.

But as this user’s story shows, sometimes the real nightmares aren’t the landlords, but the tenants!

Because when a priest who was renting an apartment from this user’s dad refused to pay rent, he had to go to his church to get his money!

Check it out!

Steal furniture? Almost lose your job

So my dad owns a house that he’s been renting for some time now. The tenants that lived there were for the most part decent people who my dad considered trustworthy.

That all changed about 2 months into the tenancy when the the tenant refused to pay the month’s rent.

My dad showed some leniency and gave them another month to pay up what was owed, but they didn’t pay a thing.

So Dad offered the tenants a compromise…

By this point, my dad frustrated by the whole situation and being two months out of rent money offered them a deal: leave the house ASAP and then only pay half the money owed.

They countered with a different agreement, they would leave the house in a clean state with all of their furniture left behind as compensation.

My dad, wanting to just be done with them, agreed.

But when Dad saw the apartment, he realized they had went back on every aspect of their deal!

Cue to when my dad gets to the house, finding the place in a mess, with NONE of the furniture left behind, including the furniture that belonged to my dad in the first place.

The two sofas that my dad owned were left behind, but they were trashed and left in the shed.

When my dad confronted them, asking for them to pay up the full amount that the furniture was worth, he was met with a promise of “payment after two weeks.”

He obviously didn’t believe that and when he requested they pay earlier he was met with “Good luck getting your money” followed by laughing emojis.

Dad decided it was time for some revenge. Good thing he knew exactly where these jokers worked!

This made my dad angry and he decided that he wasn’t going to let this slide.

My dad knew that the tenant was a christian pastor of a church, and his son also had some job related to the church.

My dad contacted the church and explained everything from how they hadn’t paid him rent money to stealing the furniture and trashing the place.

The church was somewhat interested about this behavior.

The former tenants were soon banging down Dad’s door, saying that he had gone too far!

The next day, my dad gets an angry phone call from the tenant’s son cursing at him and asking him what he thought he was doing contacting the church saying he was being ‘unfair’.

My dad hung up on him only for him to attempt to ring 10 times after he hung up.

From what we could piece together, the church had told the pastor that if he didn’t settle things with my dad, him and his son would lose their jobs.

My dad received the full amount for the furniture that same day and agreed to back off. My dad later said, it was never about the money but the way this guy treated him and his values.

What did the guy expect? That Dad would just let him live their for a month without rent and not care that they absolutely trashed his apartment?

Reddit was glad to see that Dad got paid, and many wondered why the Church wasn’t paying for the pastor’s residence like they usually do.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Other people thought the pastor and his son got off way too easy for withholding rent and stealing the Dad’s possessions.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Many commenters thought that the pastor’s congregation needed to know what kind of man he actually was!

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Finally, this user said if he was the landlord, he would have stopped at nothing to get his lick back on the tenants.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

No man is exempt from paying their rent.

Not even men of the cloth!

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