May 15, 2024 at 1:26 am

People Won’t Stop Bringing Their Dog To Tailgating Parties, So He’s Going To Start Doing It Somewhere Else

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@camylla93

I’m a dog lover, so I had a hard time relating to this guy’s story, but let’s all try to keep an open mind, shall we?

Read his story below and see if you think he took things too far with all of his tailgating buddies because of a dog.

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AITA for changing where I tailgate to avoid an acquaintance’s dog?

“My (33M) family and friends and other acquaintances tailgate for every home game of our alma mater’s college football games.

We have tailgated together for 10+ years. I own thousands of dollars worth of equipment. We drink, we grill, play drinking games and watch other football games.

There were some new folks on the tailgating scene…

Last year, a couple that I know, but not super well, started bringing their dog to the tailgate. They let the dog all over my stuff. They would take pictures of the dog on my cornhole boards, let it on my camping chairs.

I’m not a dog-friendly person so I asked them to stop and not bring the dog next time. They dismissed me. I asked one friend, Bob, that I know well and knows the couple well to leave the dog home.

He refused, said most enjoy the dog and sees no reason why it shouldn’t be allowed. It is a public space.

It got worse.

The last game of the year last year, they even fed the dog steak that I grilled. They were fair game for people to eat, but I didn’t want them going to the dog. So i asked to be reimbursed 20 bucks. I never got the money. It ****** me off.

I’m looking into moving spots and making things a little more private, and not as public as they used to be. . We’ve had the same spot for nearly 10 years and I think its time to downsize as I get older and less rowdy. After some feedback from others it was split.

Some friends are mad. They don’t want to move due to a variety of factors. I have most of the equipment and its several thousand dollars worth of gear, plus i’m willing to deal with the hassle of moving and transporting everything. So people are at my will or have to find somewhere else.

Sorry, no deal!

I’ve been called the *******. Phil called me and asked me to re-consider. I asked if they were going to re-consider bringing the dog and pay me back for the steak? He said i was being unreasonable.

They said that i’m ruining it for dozens of people over a dog. My view is not really, people can follow me, I think others are being rude and disrespectful to me. It was left at that.


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Get that dog away from me, fam!

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