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She Babysat Her Step Siblings For Free For Years, But Now She Refuses Because She’s Turning 18 And Wants Her Freedom

by Matthew Gilligan

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Why do adults do this…?

I’m talking about parents who expect one of their own kids to pick up the slack because they don’t have the time or energy for it…it’s insane!

And this young woman put her foot down and said NO MORE.

Did she go too far?

Get all the details below.

AITA for telling my dad I won’t be the babysitter this summer or any time after that?

“So I (17F) have been forced to babysit for my dad and his wife of 5 years for the last 4 summers.

The kids are my dad’s stepkids who are currently 7, 6 and 5. No, the kids are 100% not my dad’s kids. And yes, I am positive that they are not his kids.

Doesn’t really matter anyway but I wanted to put that out here because I know the ages would make it appear like at least one could be but no.

About her dad…

My dad was never a very good dad to me. When I was a kid he was really absent from our house. He left raising me to my mom and would show up when others were around to make it look good.

But he never got involved or cared about me or my life. Actually, the one time I was always sure to see him was his birthday when he would get mom to cook his favorite meal and open gifts. He never failed to show up when it was about him.

My mom got sick when I was 8 and my dad bailed and he filed for divorce. He left me to deal with my dying mom and unfortunately for her, the divorce didn’t go through before she passed, so he was still her husband.

He’s never been there for her.

He wasn’t emotionally present for me then or physically. He dumped me on a babysitter until I was 11 and then I was seen as old enough to be left alone.

When I was 12 he moved in his wife who was still pregnant at the time and they weren’t married then. They got married when her youngest was about 5 months old.

They told me I was going to “level up” and be a good big sis to her kids so that they could live their own lives and the kids would have someone to look up to.

Then came the forced babysitting during the summer, all summer long. I always tried to find ways out of it but felt like I had no options, at least no realistic ones.

My dad’s wife is kinda better than my dad. She isn’t very involved or directly caring to her kids but she will often bark at me for not being more sweet to her kids and saying how sad her kids look when I don’t interact with them. It’s more than my dad would do. But she’s not exactly getting involved with her own kids.

She has a plan…

I’ve been planning for over a year to get out. I turn 18 in May and graduate a couple of weeks later. Most likely I will go to stay with friends on my 18th birthday. I will be totally gone and never return.

I won’t babysit and I know they expected that to happen and I don’t know that they would actually pay for someone else or if they’d maybe leave the kids without someone watching them.

So I decided to tell my dad I won’t be babysitting this summer or at all. In my head at least if she cares a little she might get someone else in.

You can guess how this went…

My dad told me I have been the most consistent person in the kids’ lives and I’m an *** for dismissing them like that.

He told me I should be staying and doing what he and his wife want because they put a roof over my head for so long now.

He told me I’m going to cost him money with this. His wife started yelling at me for leaving her kids behind and how sad they’ll be.


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Sounds pretty unfair to me.

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