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She Found Out The Guy She Was Seeing Was Trying To Get With Her Friends, So She Set Up A Group Meeting And Put Him In His Place

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

The guy you’re about to meet in this story from Reddit is SCANDALOUS.

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Text my friends behind my back? Let’s have a group meeting.

“So a few years ago I was kind of seeing this guy. I had been to his house, accidentally met his parents (even though it wasn’t anything serious).

I quite liked him but it wasn’t in the relationship stage yet, more just taking it easy. He would text me all the time and always want to see me whenever he could, etc.

Uh oh…

I ended up talking to my friend about it, so obviously she asked for a picture, and as I showed her I could just see on her face what was coming. He had also been meeting up with her. Not only that, but she let me know he was also trying it on with her close friend too.

Okay, no skin off my nose, but we didn’t want to let him get away with trying to mess us all around, so we decided to surprise him.

I carried on talking with him like nothing had happened, and he had asked me to come over that weekend to meet his best friend and hang out together. So I agreed, and showed up at his door with the two other girls and walked in to sit down and have a chat with him.

How do you like that?!?!

He was absolutely mortified to say the least, and it made it even funnier that his friend had no idea what was happening so he just figured it was a little get together and started asking the girls questions about who they are and how they know this guy.

In the end I ended up getting bored of it and went to leave, and he ended up running out after me apologising about meeting the girls and asking for another chance.

The player life is not for you, my friend.”

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