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She Had To Put Up With Awful Roommates For A Whole Semester, But She Got The Last Laugh When She Decided She’d Had Enough

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@sharonmccutcheon

Revenge can be a slow burn sometimes…

And that can make it all the more satisfying when it actually happens!

Check out how this young woman dealt with some awful roommates.

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Revenge on horrible roommates.

“One fall semester in college I ended up with horrible roommates.

I went to room draw and found 2 open single rooms in a 6 person on campus apartment, corner spot, parking nearby – perfect except that those rooms were open for well, reasons.

She had no idea what she was getting into…

Apparently I’d been living under a rock and had no idea of the reputation of the 2 girls that had been living there and driving away roommates. Too late by the time I found out and I was stuck.

The friend I was living with there stayed away as much as she could but had a retail job right off campus and had to be there most of my downtime.

These 2 were just rude – loud, inconsiderate, made things so uncomfortable that I couldn’t use our shared living room and kitchen, partying at all hours and when I tried to talk to them, their response was that it was their apartment and I could leave.

So, I made other arrangements for the spring semester and managed as best I could for the fall.

Thanksgiving weekend comes along. They lived too far away to go home. I spend turkey day with my family but come back to the apartment that night because of my retail job – 6 am shift for Black Friday.

Took the shift deliberately because I knew that they’d be partying until 2 or 3 and would be sound asleep when I got up at 4:30 for work.

It was revenge time.

Got up, turned up my music that they didn’t like to full volume, locked my bedroom door, locked the bathroom door and took the longest, most delightful 30 minute shower of my life.

Before I went off to work, I reset my alarm for 7 am, turned the volume all the way up and set it to beep setting (this was one of those old school clock radios) and locked my bedroom door.

Where’d ya go?

Their rude behavior had them on thin ice with our resident advisor so I knew full well they wouldn’t break into my room to turn it off. I got home mid afternoon from work and that alarm was still going off. They were nowhere to be found.

When they finally came back that night, I was parked in the living room that I’d never gotten to use, my stuff spread out all over, music turned up, acting like I actually lived there.

Only had to deal with them for a few more weeks after that but they finally stopped their ****.”

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