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She Invited Two People To A Party Who Can’t Be In The Same Room Together, Then Acted Surprised When Things Went Off The Rails

by Trisha Leigh

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When you’re hosting a party, it’s your job to manage the guest list.

So, if your brother and his ex-wife – who he cheated on and divorced – are both coming, a head’s up might be in order.

This woman’s brother cheated and is now married to his affair partner.

Four years ago, my (27F) brother (30M) admitted to my exSIL (30F) that he had been cheating on her, gotten his gf (28F) pregnant and that he wanted to divorce her.

The entire family disowned my brother and provided our exSIL with emotional and financial support throughout the whole thing (as we should.)

My brother married the woman he cheated with. They now have 3 kids together (a son (3M) and twin daughters (both 1F), and are happily married.

Because they have kids, the family has softened somewhat from their original position.

As mentioned before, the entire family disowned my brother and we didn’t hear from him for 3.5 years.

He reached out to my mom (who is very religious and hates adultery) 6 months ago and asked for reconciliation.

My mom didn’t want to talk to my brother all that much, she just wanted to meet her grandkids. Meeting her grandkids softened her attitude towards my brother.

Soon, the entire family regained contact with him.

My exSIL remained friends with my sister, and she freaked out when she heard about this. As a result, we only talked to my brother over the phone.

She’s even loving the new wife, to be honest.

The more I talked to my brother and his wife over the phone, the more I became friends with his wife. We would spend HOURS on the phone talking to each other about whatever random bullshit came to our minds. We made each other laugh. It was great.

It was because of this friendship that I decided to finally invite my brother and my new friend to my house for my son’s birthday party yesterday. It seemed like the perfect time to do so.

When her ex-SIL wasn’t sure she could come, she invited her brother’s family.

What I didn’t count on was my exSIL coming to the party. I had spoken to her a few days before and she said she wasn’t sure if she was coming or not.

Leading up to yesterday she hadn’t said anything so I went ahead and invited my brother and his family.

I’m sure you can guess what happens next.

When my exSIL showed up, it was a mess.

She yelled at my brother, who was just standing there in shock and when my exSIL realized who the woman next to my brother is, she let out “stop looking at me you Jewish whore” (my brother’s wife is half-Jewish.)

I had tried to calm her down and talk to my exSIL, but at this point I yelled at her to get tf out of my house. She did, and we all just pretended this never happened.

She doesn’t think she did anything wrong, but does Reddit?

However, at the end of the party, my sister, who is still friends with my exSIL told me that I should have told my exSIL my brother and his wife were invited.

It would have influenced her decision to come or not. Not doing say made me a jerk.

I explained that she didn’t make it clear if she was coming, and that I only kicked her out after she made a blatantly racist comment.

My sister was still angry about it, but she left soon after.


Well, that was awkward!

Let’s see what Reddit had to say.

This whole thing is honestly a mess.

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It’s just common decency.

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Honestly no one is off the hook here.

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It might be time to let the ex-SIL go.

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A head’s up would have definitely been in order.

Why on earth would you not?

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