May 13, 2024 at 12:13 am

She Started Wearing Fake Freckles Because It’s Trendy, And It Deeply Offended Her Naturally Freckled Friend

by Ashley Ashbee

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I don’t have a lot of freckles, but I love the ones I have. They’re cute!

If my friend put fake freckles on her face because it’s trendy, would it weird me out? Uh, yes.

But would it offend me and make me feel mocked? No.

Read on to see why the friend in this story was pretty cheesed at OP for drawing freckles on her face.

AITA for wearing fake freckles?

I work in a beauty supply store where we sell makeup, hair care products, etc. We got these little “freckle pens” in recently.

Maybe just go out without sunscreen.

When I was younger I would always get a few freckles in the summer from playing outside in the sun all day.

Now that I am older, I try to take better care of my skin. I use sunscreen and try to limit my exposure.

I had no idea people lost freckles.

I miss my freckles, so I decided to try the pen.

I picked out the lightest shade so they would look natural. It worked wonderfully and now I use it almost every day.

At least your friend is observant.

I met up with one of my friends for lunch yesterday and she looked at me funny and asked “have you always had freckles?”

It kind of seems like a sensitive topic for her.

I told her about the freckle pen and she told me that “it doesn’t sit right with her soul” that she was bullied as a child for having freckles and now people wear them as a fashion statement.

I see this as an insult to people who endure actual cultural appropriation.

I told her I that I just thought they were cute and she said that it felt like “cultural appropriation.”

Glad she agrees.

I don’t think I’m in the wrong here.

Obviously it sucks that she was bullied but I don’t think using a freckle pen is the same thing as cultural appropriation.

Seems like a wise decision.

EDIT: I’m probably just not gonna use the pen anymore when we hang out. I only see her once every few weeks anyways! Not really worth imo

Let’s see what people had to say in the comments.

Very well said.

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Interesting. Can a trend remove stigma?

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Is this person a criminal profiler for the police?

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LOL! Sounds painful.

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A lot of commenters found OP’s friend insufferable.

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Pick your battles with friends.

Or maybe just get new friends.

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