May 11, 2024 at 4:41 am

She Told Her Future Mother-In-Law She Needed A Separate Meal On Christmas, But When MIL Declined To Provide One… She Made A Huge Scene

by Trisha Leigh

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I would venture a guess that most people try their hardest to be on their best behavior when meeting their future in-laws for the first time.

This woman is definitely not most people.

She says that she is a picky eater and she can’t help it.

I got invited to my fiance’s family christmas celebratory dinner. It’s my first christmas with them.

I have always been picky about what I eat. Can’t help it and it has to do with psychological factors, childhood, and personal likes and dislikes.

So, when she was invited to her in-laws for Christmas, she sent her future MIL a list of “options” she could make just for her.

Before accepting their invite I let FMIL know that I wouldn’t be eating the traditional food at their celebration, and showed her a variety of dishes to choose from to accommodate me.

Her MIL declined, saying she could bring her own food if she didn’t like what was offered.

She refused and told me to bring my own dish.

I said if I had to bring my own dish when I’m a guest then I better stay at home then.

They went back and forth but in the end, this woman called her host’s bluff.

We went back and forth and I insisted I wouldn’t come if accommodations weren’t being made.

I just thought it was a simple request and FMIL could’ve agreed if she really wanted me there.

My fiance agreed that I should bring my own dish but I didn’t.

When it didn’t work out in her favor, she left.

When we arrived there and I saw that no accommodations were made I got up, goy my things and walked out and went home.

My FMIL and fiance were shocked.

Her boyfriend and his mother are both annoyed and insulted but she says she can’t understand why.

I got tons of calls and texts from them both and my fiance came home lashing out calling me selfish and spoiled to walk out like that over a dish that his mom didn’t have to make for me and that it was my responsibility to feed myself.

How is it my responsibility to feed myself when I’m a guest? Makes no sense to me.

I told him this and he accused me of starting crap and ruining my first christmas with his family and disrespecting his mom.

Now he’s continually saying I messed up and should’ve sucked it up for the family’s sake.

I’m betting Reddit will help her figure it out.

The top comment says she had so many other options.

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This person says she is acting like a child.

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And this commenter figures she’s shown her way out of the family.

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It seems like drama is what she wanted.

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Honestly, how dare she.

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Y’all, I could never.

And I don’t think it’s just my Midwest upbringing.