May 11, 2024 at 11:57 pm

She Took Full Advantage When Her Boss Pitched A Fit, And Made Extra Work For Herself To Prove A Ridiculous Point

by Ashley Ashbee

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It’s frustrating when a person you report to at work finds fault with you even when you’re doing everything right.

But it has its benefits.

Read about how the worker in this story turned her bullying boss into someone who did her job for her.

I’ll do everything, you just sit there.

I work part-time in a small convenience store, just me and the boss lady.

I’m usually there so she can do paperwork in the back and order supplies, so while I’m on the cash register I have to keep everything in front stocked, keep the returned drink bottles and cans neatly organized, etc., it’s pretty steadily busy.

Sounds like she did her job very well.

Every now and then she just likes to freak out and start complaining about something, yesterday she came out to find me sitting at the cash register.

I had just made sure everything was completely restocked, had been regularly running into the back and grabbing things and refilling, etc.

People like this are never happy.

But she chose to freak out and accuse me of not doing any work, and since I apparently didn’t want to work I should just sit there at the register and she would do everything.

That’s aggressive.

At first I thought she was joking, and I laughed as I got up to do something.

But she got really mean and got in my face and said to just sit down and she would do everything.

So I did.

You can’t change people like this, so you may as well reap the rewards of their controlling nature!

I started telling her everything that I was about to do and she actually started doing it.

I was just sitting at the register and smiling so she looked at me and said “oh it must be nice to just sit at the register not have to do anything”, and I said “you bet it is, thank you so much”.

Did you glare right back? We need to know!

She just glared at me as she went back into her office.

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Good question. I think they’re so consumed by their need to control that they don’t see how it works against them.

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That’s very specific. But I think I know a squirrel that would do this.

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Women don’t turn into monsters at our time of the month, thank you.

I'll do everything, you just sit there.

I’m not sure that it would. I think she’d stop doing the task, but amp up the snark.

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Yes. People don’t leave bad jobs. They leave bad managers.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Sometimes good things come out of people treating you poorly.

Still, make a record of it and hold them accountable!