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She Was Bullied in School Because Her Teeth Weren’t Straight, But She Got The Last Laugh By Being Hugely Successful While Her Classmates Faltered

by Matthew Gilligan

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It can sometimes happen unexpectedly and you don’t even have to put any effort in…you just sit back and watch things unfold naturally!

That’s what this woman did and she shared her story on Reddit.

Take a look at what she had to say!

I was a bullied kid and now feels kind of good to see the people who made my HS years hell have a bad life.

“I was made fun of because my teeth not being straight, because of my big nose, because someone saw my intoxicated dad around on weekends and that was joke, because teachers liked me, because I lived really far from school, because I didn’t have money to buy much during lunch or because if my shoes or backpack were still fine I would use them the next school year as well because we were broke.

She was constantly getting bullied.

You name it, I had it. Even some people I thought I was being friends with would eventually join whoever was the coolest kid around in making me feel like ****.

And I know we were kids, this doesn’t mean these people are bad persons still today, I don’t know them, but I was a kid too and I wasn’t a bully.

I was always the youngest of my class because my country allows people to skip grades so I graduated HS at 14.

I am 26 now. I live in a small city and work for a manufacturing company who is the biggest employer of the region, so naturally people I know end up working there since there’s a lot of people.

Things have turned around!

I was recently promoted and now make like 7 times the average salary of my country, own a decent car that’s paid in full, about to graduate from my masters, am saving to buy a house, have good friends, go on weekend getaways a couple times a year and am a happy person.

The other day at work a new operator (she was in training, so new employee) stopped me to say hi and was one of the people who hurt me, the one thing I remember she used to say was “poor Esther, let’s all raise funds so we can get her teeth fixed”.

I remember her thing was saying “poor Esther” in a condescending way and laugh. She also a couple times stole my backpack and hid it ( in a bathroom trashcan ).

There’s something so insulting on people saying “poor you” because of something you don’t even consider a relevant problem in the moment and it’s a problem only because they made it like that about my teeth.

She’s pregnant, her third pregnancy. Started college for a humanities degree that she didn’t complete, is a single mom of two other kids and has jumped from manufacturing company to manufacturing company after she left college. This is minimum wage in my country that’s like 400 USD monthly.

A lot of them are struggling…

I have met other people from HS over the years and same case, one of them even went to jail for hitting his wife and kid.

I am having a great life and it’s not based on other people having a bad one, and this perhaps makes me a bad person and I know I can fall too or make bad decisions and idk maybe in her mind this girl is super happy with her life and bunch of kids and salary, idk.

But I know if my decisions ever make me pull the short stick, I won’t have people pleased with my bad luck as I am with theirs because I am not a ******* bully and I don’t damage people intentionally for fun as these jerks did.

Guess the conclusion here is, bad years don’t last forever. HS is just a phase and being the Queen Bee in HS doesn’t mean a successful life. Driving to HS in a cute car or having much money for lunch or being “successful” in HS doesn’t mean that’s for life.

Just as being the rug everyone steps on doesn’t mean you’re going to be it forever.”

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