May 31, 2024 at 6:23 am

Sick Restaurant Employee Wakes Up To Her Boss At The Foot Of Her Bed. – ‘I literally thought I was having a fever dream.’

by Ashley Ashbee


Most of us have had issues with employers who didn’t want to respect our boundaries.

Fortunately, what happened in this story is an extreme (and hopefully rare) example.

TikToker @mishyymbabyy reports that while she was off sick from work, she “woke up to my boss standing at the foot of my bed.”


“He claims he said my name a few times, walked around, didn’t see me or hear me,” she said, appearing shaken.

“So he went upstairs.”

@mishyymbabyy, whose name is Mish, recorded the video in her bathroom.


“I woke up and he’s standing at the foot of my bed waving at me like, ‘Hey, I know that you called out, but if you just don’t want to drive, I’ll drive you in.'”

She asked him to leave and said her roommate told her he left the home.

Mish didn’t quit her job, but was laid off a few weeks later for a different reason.


She broke up with her boyfriend and he was “Harrassing me and calling the restaurant, which is obviously not okay.”

He also egged the establishment, “Thinking it would be funny if I had to come to work and clean it.”

Her boss assumed that she had egged it.

“Why would I egg the building when I’m the one who’s going to have to go out in the hot sun and scrub?” She scrunched her eyes, looked into the camera and said, “That doesn’t make sense.”

Mish doesn’t say what she’s doing now, but fingers crossed she’s replaced these toxic figures in her life with good people.

Here’s the full video.


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Let’s see what the commenters had to say.

A lot of people noted that this kind of thing is typical in the restaurant industry.


I felt so sorry for this person. You don’t need that stress, especially when you’re sick.


I didn’t understand the comments like these ones. You’re desperately short on staff, so you give away some of the only staff you have?


This sentiment spoke to me. I think I would have left and never come back, too.


Exactly. Your home is supposed to be the place you feel most secure. Poor Mish.

Say goodbye to toxic bosses.

Life can be so much better.

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